Our Strategy Accessible Charts

Higher Education in Perspective Chart

Higher education is a $1.9 trillion industry. For comparison, this is how the higher education market compares with other large global markets. Healthcare - $1.7 trillion. Information technology - $3.4 trillion. Transportation - $4.7 trillion.

2U in Perspective Chart

Global higher education is in the early stages of a digital transformation. Today, 2U is a fraction of this market. But if we continue to execute on our growth strategy of launching and scaling DGPs, we believe that our domestic graduate business could grow to approximately $3B in annual steady state revenue at maturity. And to achieve this target, 2U partner programs only need to capture roughly 5.6% of the total addressable market for U.S. graduate education.

The DGP market alone provides the runway to become a very large company, and U.S. graduate education is less than 1% of the $1.9T spent on global higher education. 2U has plenty of opportunity for growth and expansion, including in areas such as non-degree education, international graduate education and domestic undergraduate education.