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We believe in the importance of building deeper connections between higher education and the workforce. 2U and Guild are combining their employer and university networks to create affordable higher education opportunities for millions of working adults.

Employees working at booths at the Guild Education office

Our partnership.

Investing in the ongoing education and skills development of all employees is critical for organizations to remain competitive for talent. With Guild, we’re offering America’s leading companies access to 2U-powered degrees and alternative credentials to provide transformative learning experiences for workers across the nation.

Guild, a certified B-corp with a mission to unlock opportunity for America’s workforce through education and upskilling, provides more than three million working adults in the U.S. access to affordable pathways to education and upskilling through Fortune 1000 employers like Walmart, Chipotle, The Walt Disney Company, and Discover Financial Services. Together through our partnership, we will help workers from all backgrounds advance their careers through higher education.

What we’re doing together.

Now, more than ever, people are looking to higher education to strengthen their economic security and social mobility. We’re providing affordable pathways to increase access. How?

Guild’s employer partners can now offer their employees an expanded portfolio of high-quality, flexible higher education programs from some of the world’s top non-profit institutions, including shorter term, intensive skills training programs, leveraging 2U’s diverse and growing portfolio of short courses and boot camps in subjects like DE&I Leadership, Sustainability, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

As lifelong reskilling and upskilling take center stage, employers play a critical role in communicating which educational investments matter. In partnership with 2U, Guild employers can continue to make smart investments in their people first, across all levels of business, to build for the future.

Guild Education employee working on a computer with a headset

Guild x 2U

Learn how the 2U-Guild partnership can help unlock the potential of America’s workforce.