2015 2U Impact Report

Today we released our second annual Impact Report. The 2015 Impact Report shatters preconceived notions of online education, offering proof that 2U-enabled degree programs are having a positive effect on students, faculty and institutions around the world.

Click Here to View The 2015 Impact Report 

Every light on this map is a student who has enrolled in a 2U-powered program since inception. 

Using case studies, data, videos and testimonials, the Impact Report explains how 2U-enabled programs:

  • Help students reach their full potential
  • Enable faculty to deliver a better education
  • Empower universities to break down geographical barriers

Each day this week, we posted a different video featuring candid interviews that ask everyday people about their perceptions of learning online. Today, we will reveal what changed their minds about online education. 

Day 4: Do you think online courses can be engaging?


Day 3: Can you be part of the university community online?


Day 2: Do you think you can get a job with an online degree?


Day 1: What have you heard about online education?