#ImpactChat Twitter Chat: How Are Online Degree Programs Changing Higher Education?

#ImpactChat Wednesday, April 22nd 8pm ET

#ImpactChat Twitter chat Wednesday, April 22 at 8 p.m. EST

Join 2U as we host a Twitter chat for supporters and critics of online education.

How are online degree programs changing higher education? At 2U, we believe that online learning has the power to make education more accessible while remaining as engaging and meaningful as the traditional on-campus experience. On Tuesday, April 14, we will release our second annual Impact Report, which will highlight the positive effects 2U enabled-programs have on students, faculty and universities around the world. In honor of our 2015 Impact Report, we are hosting #ImpactChat on Twitter, a conversation that explores the past and future of online education.

Join the Conversation via #ImpactChat

#ImpactChat will provide a meaningful online forum where educators, students, administrators and those interested in education can discuss the impact online learning is having on education and the world. We encourage you to share personal experiences and professional insights that shed light on the myths and truths of online education. During the chat, you will have opportunities to engage with others who are passionate about education, including 2U CEO Christopher Paucek.

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How to Participate in Twitter Chats

This quick step-by-step guide will help you access the Twitter chat:

Getting Ready

  1. Set up a Twitter handle, if you don’t already have one. Here are some helpful tips from Twitter.
  2. RSVP to the Twitter chat.
  3. Decide which platform you would like to use to attend the Twitter chat. These platforms are the most commonly used:
    • Tweetchat— You can enter the hashtag for your Twitter chat when you log in, and it will automatically include the hashtag in all your tweets.
    • TweetDeck — You can set up a column for the hashtag so you can easily follow the conversation.
    • Hootsuite — You can also set up a column to follow the hashtag.
  4. Follow the Twitter chat moderator(s). For #ImpactChat, follow @2UInc. 

During the Twitter Chat

  1. At the start of the Twitter chat, introduce yourself so people know who you are and why you are interested in the topic. Use the hashtag #ImpactChat. The hashtag will add your tweet to the chat so others know you are participating in the chat.
  2. Check the Twitter chat moderator’s account for questions. The chat moderator will probably ask questions throughout the chat using Q1, Q2 and Q3.
  3. Answer or comment on the questions and include the hashtag in your tweet.
  4. Converse with others using the hashtag. You can use the @ mention symbol to respond to someone in particular. Make sure to use the hashtag in every tweet, response and retweet.
  5. If you want to respond to someone and have it show up in your main feed, include a “.” before the @. For example: .@2UInc How do you think online degrees are changing higher ed?


If you still have questions, Tweet me at @Stephanieetxe or email me at secheveste(at)2u.com.