2U Supports the World Economic Forum at Davos Through an Innovative Launch of its New Book on Education

Today, a new book that examines the challenges and opportunities in education and skill development around the world is being launched at the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This book, Education & Skills 2.0: New Targets & Innovative Approaches, includes a forward by the former United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and chapters on mature workforces, girls’ education, and education spending around the world. It also features a chapter on online education co-authored by 2U CEO, Christopher Paucek, 2U CSO Jeremy Johnson, and Jose Ferreira and Christina Yu from Knewton. 

The authors of the book are members of the Global Agenda Council on Education & Skills, whose focus is on bringing together educational experts to help policymakers and leaders raise awareness and improve education systems worldwide.

The book is now widely available in three formats:



Our university partners created visual images highlighting content from a few key chapters:

If interested in the World Economic Forum’s conference, you can follow along on Twitter via @davos and also share your thoughts on the book using #WEFedu.

Thank you to Yoko Ishikura, 2012-2013 vice-chair of the Global Agenda Council on Education & Skills and co-author of the book, for her blog post and Japanese translation of the outline and chapter 10. Click here to view the original blog post.