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Learning Design & Development.

What we do.

The Learning Design & Development teams are creative thinkers, designers, and experts in pedagogy committed to helping our partner institutions create, produce, and deliver world-class educational offerings. Whether that's empowering degree program faculty to teach more effectively online, working to design short course content, or working to ensure boot camp curriculum and instructors are teaching relevant, in-demand skills, the team is a trusted collaborator to our university partners in delivering transformative learning experiences for their students.

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How we do it.

Careers on our Learning Design & Development teams are inspired by the impact of quality education. We come to work to help our university partners’ faculty adapt and enhance their pedagogy and create meaningful, effective programs and courses.

Curriculum development.
Drive the enhancement of curricula to meet learning goals.
Course strategy.
Work with faculty to create outcomes-driven experiences.
Course development.
Guide faculty through development, planning, and prep.
Media production.
Help faculty create asynchronous educational content.
Course services.
Bring high-quality courses to life.
Course iteration.
Collaborate with faculty to revise and improve active courses.
Instructional management.
Design learning materials with instructors.
Digital media production.
Create illuminating, engaging, and accessible learning content.
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Open Positions.

At 2U, our Learning Design & Development teams help bring higher digital education to life. If you have a passion for creating something impactful, join us.

My colleagues in Learning Design & Development are among the most curious, talented, and creative people I’ve ever met.
— Rachel K., Senior Director, Course Strategy

Where we work.

We believe education should have no boundaries, and we practice what we preach. While we may not all sit in the same office, we’re all united in our effort to transform the learning experience and digital higher education.