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Los Angeles.

Our culture.

Commitment. Bustle. Community. At 2U Los Angeles, we combine them all to create a vibrant, collaborative team dedicated to eliminating the back row in higher education. With an office of tech devs, marketers, and content designers and producers working with faculty to create video content in downtown LA, we offer an array of edtech careers that blend your creative interests with a new-found passion for transforming digital higher education.

A 2U employee's desk with a Syracuse pennant, Cal University cup, and other novelty items

Explore Los Angeles.

Working in Los Angeles is filled with possibility. Especially when you combine a passionate and collaborative environment, wellness benefits, and proximity to the places that can inspire you.

An office with a large 2U sign on a window and another sign that says "Outcomes" in cursive writing with pictures of graduates around it
Stunning views.
Wave hello to downtown LA each morning.
Communal spaces.
We’re pretty close here.
Local commitment.
Help Communities in Schools of LA change lives.
Group yoga.
Those who strengthen together succeed together.
Wellness program.
You have to feel good to do good.
Snack central.
To keep the productivity flowing.
Great location.
Walk to LA Live and more.
A 2U volunteer cuts potatoes in a kitchen with others on their day of service

Work with us.

Careers at 2U’s Los Angeles, California, office are impactful—delivering the opportunity to work alongside edtech industry leaders to create new possibilities in digital higher education. You’ll make a difference here—and you’ll learn a lot in the process.

The LA office is small but mighty. You can easily collaborate with 2Utes across several different teams to get a fresh perspective.
— Brittany O., Director, University Operations

Teams in Los Angeles.

From student success and marketing to curriculum development and beyond, we all come together to transform digital higher education for the better.