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Join 2U at ASU+GSV 2021

Written by 2U on Aug 2, 2021

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ASU+GSV was one of the first conferences we engaged with during our formative years, and as we’ve scaled our mission, it too has grown. Today, ASU+GSV is one of the most well-regarded edtech conferences, bringing to life thought-provoking conversations on the intersection of education and innovation, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Throughout our partnership, ASU+GSV has provided us the opportunity to share our bold vision, make historic announcements, and shed light on the deep insights we’ve learned through our experience working alongside some of the most brilliant minds in higher education. This year, we once again look forward to offering our take on the power of education to transform lives for the better—now and in the future.

With three sessions in 2021, we will discuss the opportunities that exist to increase access and opportunity in higher education, the importance of career relevance to drive mobility and equity, and how the 2U-edX combination will impact generations to come. Check out each of our sessions to learn more about how we’re showing up at ASU+GSV, and register for free to tune in virtually: We look forward to seeing you there—online or in person. #ASUGSVSummit

Tuesday, August 10 at 10:10am PT


  • David Thomas, President, Morehouse College
  • Lynn Wooten, President, Simmons University


  • David Sutphen, Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer, 2U

Join the Presidents of Morehouse College and Simmons University as they discuss the continued relevance of the liberal arts, their approaches to inclusive leadership, and how each of their institutions are leading the way in expanding access to quality higher education by embracing digital transformation.

Tuesday, August 10 at 12:26pm PT


  • Chip Paucek, Co-Founder and CEO, 2U
  • Rachel Carlson, CEO & Co-Founder, Guild Education
  • Matt Sigelman, CEO, Burning Glass Technologies
  • Johnny Taylor, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, SHRM


  • Joe Fuller, Professor of Management Practice, HBS

Workforce learning takes the stage to address how innovations in the field are driving not only mobility but also equity. Educational technology at work in academia and in the private sector means an across-the-board shift toward in-house credentialing, thereby opening opportunities to a wider circle of talent. As companies implement novel, data-driven models for educating employees, how will all stakeholders interact in powerful new ways?

Wednesday, August 11 at 8:04am PT


  • Chip Paucek, Co-Founder and CEO, 2U
  • Anant Agarwal, Founder & CEO, edX


  • Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner, GSV Ventures and Co-Founder, ASU+GSV Summit

Edtech industry leaders 2U and edX recently announced they will be joining together in an industry-redefining combination that is set to usher in a new era of online learning. Hear from the leaders of these two mission-driven organizations on the forces shaping the next decade of online education as well as how the 2U-edX combination will better enable universities to impact generations to come.

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