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Partner Spotlight

Low-Stakes, High-Quality: How Virtual Fieldwork Prepares Syracuse Master of Social Work Students to Practice With Confidence

Learn how Syracuse University’s Falk School of Social Work partnered with 2U to offer Virtual Fieldwork Experience (VFX) to students during COVID-19—and why this innovation will be a staple of their Master of Social Work program moving forward.

Oct 15, 2021·Molly Forman


Intentionally Creating Space for All: Introducing 2U’s Ability Resource Network

How do we create a community where everyone feels like they can bring their whole selves to work? Learn about 2U’s newest Business Resource Network from co-chairs Ashley Redman and Bianca Lee.

Oct 13, 2021·Bianca Lee | Ashley Redman

Partner Spotlight

Using Data for Good: An Inside Look at This Boot Camp Graduate’s Tech Solution for Early Wildfire Detection

Learn how Margaret Thorpe, a graduate of the UC Davis Data Analytics Boot Camp, created a program that uses machine learning to anticipate wildfires faster in her home state of California. Her capstone project took her to the finals of our Next Level Contest, which in turn boosted her career prospects.

Oct 11, 2021·Kayla Spencer


Master of Confidence, Vigilance, and Ease of Mind: Meet Andres Andreu, SVP of Cybersecurity

With October being National Cybersecurity Month, I sat down with Dre to chat about how he got into this constantly changing field, what his role at 2U entails, advice for others pursuing a career in cybersecurity, and even some best practices for protecting your data, your systems, and yourself.

Oct 8, 2021·James Kenigsberg


A Guiding Light for Hispanic Heritage Month: My Interview with 2U Board Member Ed Macias

As the global chair of TuGente, I had the privilege of getting to know one of 2U’s Board Members, Ed Macias. Hear his advice for empowering more diverse leaders, what he sees as the future of online learning, and more.

Oct 7, 2021·Andres Rocha

Partner Spotlight

This 2U Community Partner Is Helping Break Down Barriers to College Completion for Underserved High School Students

Learn how College Track prepares historically underrepresented populations of learners for success through comprehensive academic, financial, and social-emotional programs—and how 2U’s headquarters has joined the cause.

Oct 5, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Operations Manager Adam Escobar

Discover how Adam, a member of the TuGente leadership team, brings “great energy” to one of 2U’s Business Resource Networks—and how his trajectory from a working-class Miami upbringing to now a multifaceted role at 2U are all things to celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Oct 4, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Creating a More Human-Centric Experience for Students: Meet Nick Gould, VP of University Operations Product Strategy

For more than 25 years, Nick Gould has built upon his passion for designing user experiences that improve the customer journey. Now, as our new VP of university operations product strategy, Nick is using his industry expertise to manifest our commitment to students.

Oct 1, 2021·Brad Adams


From Access and Opportunity to the Freedom to Make Mistakes: 4 Insights on DEI from the President of Amherst College

For my latest episode of EDU: Live, I sat down with my friend Dr. Carolyn “Biddy” Martin to discuss how she has helped lead the charge in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at my undergraduate alma mater.

Sep 29, 2021·David Sutphen


A Day in the Life: Program Management Analyst Steven Chavez-Gordy

Learn how this first-generation Mexican-American has used education to further his career goals, how he’s celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and what he enjoys most about his leadership role in 2U’s TuGente business resource network.

Sep 28, 2021·Bannon Puckett

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