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Brad Adams

Chief University Operations Officer

Brad Adams is Chief University Operations Officer at 2U, Inc. He oversees student engagement, faculty support, new program implementation, operations, execution, and the overall delivery and success of 2U’s global graduate and short course products.

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We Appreciate Teachers—Today and Every Day

In light of National Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s time to celebrate teachers. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the essential workers in our society who are too often taken for granted.

May 7, 2020·Brad Adams


Why Now is the Time to Invest in Student Support

Student support is a core part of the services we provide to university partners and integral to providing a high-quality online learning experience. Here are some of the best practices we recommend to support students throughout their online learning experience.

Apr 30, 2020·Brad Adams


3 Essential Steps to Build an Engaging and Effective Virtual Classroom in Zoom

Learn how to build a virtual classroom in Zoom from 2U Chief University Operations Officer Brad Adams

Mar 18, 2020·Brad Adams