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Celebrating National Online Learning Day: 3 Dimensions for Creating Engaging Education

Written by 2U on Sep 15, 2021

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🎉Happy National Online Learning Day! 🎉

Here at 2U, we’re proud to work alongside some of the brightest academic minds in the world to develop transformative online learning experiences for all. Together, we design high-quality education that helps create access and opportunity for learners when they need it most. And we use our Learning Experience Framework (LXF) built around foundational research in the learning sciences to drive our learner-centered approach.

What is the LXF and why does it matter? Check out the video below from our Vice President of Learning Experience Rachel Koblic, Senior Course Strategist Gloria Jirsaraie, Senior Course Strategist Mike Ford, Ed.D., and Director of Course Strategy Kelly Heuer, Ph.D.

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