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Celigo + 2U: Connecting Boot Camp Grads to Careers in the Cloud

Written by Bannon Puckett on Feb 11, 2021

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With everyone’s heads in the cloud these days (the digital cloud, of course), tech companies around the world are dreaming big and standing out by emphasizing their commitment to service: Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), the list goes on.

For cloud technology pioneer Celigo, the golden acronym is iPaaS, or “integration Platform as a Service.” Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Celigo is a trusted leader in helping companies connect disparate applications together and automate key business processes, so that their clients can stand out in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy and continue to grow.

At 2U, we’re all about helping students stand out in the competitive job market. One way we achieve this is by putting today’s most in-demand tech skills within students’ reach through market-aligned, 2U-powered boot camps. But we also go a step deeper, integrating a wealth of career services into our educational offerings to directly connect students with top employers.

Our partnerships with companies like Celigo enable boot camp graduates the opportunity to connect their newly honed skills to a job—and not just any job, but one that’s the right fit for their career goals and also firmly matched to our industry partners’ needs.

From Coding at Boot Camp to Kickstarting a Career: One Grad’s Success Story

When COVID-19 hit a year ago, Celigo needed to expand its recruitment efforts and hire for more remote positions. 2U’s global pool of tech-talents-on-the-rise helped the company cast a much wider net in its search for bright entry-level integration engineers, rivers and oceans beyond San Francisco Bay. Celigo has since hired a number of graduates from 2U-powered boot camps, among them Orion Abrams.

Soon after graduating from UC Berkeley Extension’s Berkeley Coding Boot Camp, Orion joined Celigo as an integration engineer, working full-time from his home in Oregon. He attributes much of his success at Celigo to the skills—both hard and soft—he learned in boot camp.

“The projects I work on often require advanced data transformations,” Orion says, “so I use the JavaScript coding skills I learned in boot camp every day. Also, my instructor taught me a lot about how to apply my soft skills in the tech world. In general, the coding practice from the boot camp has helped me ‘work out’ my logical mind. I often tell friends and family that I’m using my logical brain to figure out how to best solve problems for customers, eight hours a day. And I love it.”

Orion continues: “My experience with Celigo has been one of massive personal growth in terms of self-motivation and skill-building. The boot camp helped prepare me not only with technical knowledge, but also a perspective with coding that makes it fun and exciting.”

2U Delivers “Talent as a Service” Through a Customized Partnership

Orion isn’t the only one who has benefited from the career services offered by 2U. Our Strategic Partnerships team works closely and collaboratively with Celigo’s recruiting/HR team to create uniquely customized recruiting solutions. Throughout the course of our partnership together, the Strategic Partnerships team has reviewed job descriptions, tailored candidate sources, and researched and shared in-depth market information to help Celigo recruiters target the right cities for talent.

Read on for Celigo’s take on the benefits of partnering with 2U, and how the “talent as a service” we offer the company is a win-win for everyone, especially students.

What makes 2U a good fit for Celigo as a strategic talent partner?

Our partnership with 2U is unique, as we were able to start from the ground up and build what we were looking for. The partnership gives us a pipeline of qualified candidates for the positions we need to fill, and 2U is very responsivethey understand Celigo’s mission and hiring goals. There has been an open line of communication all along the way. It’s been nice to have 2U on our side.

Describe the Celigo mission to “make automation as simple as possible.” How are your hiring objectives tied to this mission—and how does 2U help bring that to life?

“Making automation as simple as possible” begins with the team. We want to hire individuals who can understand that objective, provide a wonderful customer experience, and serve as a liaison to guide less technical users. In order to continue to advance this mission, our hiring objectives focus on two things: 1) customer success—from solution design to implementation, account management, and support, and 2) sales people who understand technology and can guide prospects through their pain points. Both types of roles require a basic level of technical understanding at the start. We can teach new hires everything about our product and the integration space, but we believe 2U can prepare individuals by teaching the fundamentals of technology.

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about hard skills (e.g., JavaScript, Python, HTML) versus soft skills (e.g., collaboration, leadership ability, growth mindset). How do boot camp grads manifest both of these skill sets at Celigo?

Coding boot camp grads from 2U-powered programs perfectly manifest both of these skill sets, as most of them are in the midst of a career change. For our integration engineers, we look for candidates who have experience with JavaScript, along with an openness and willingness to learn and grow with Celigo. When boot camp grads start with us, they are genuinely excited about the company and the opportunities here, and they want to hit the ground running with the hard skills they’ve acquired.

Since they are also new in their career, they are open and receptive to feedback, which allows them to grow and really hone in on their skills. The boot camp grads that we’ve hired have completed their courses and graduated in 12 weeks. This shows their dedication and passion for these hard skills, which in turn becomes a passion for Celigo and our mission.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with 2U and identifying uniquely qualified talent to join our team at Celigo.

Learn more about Celigo’s next-generation platform, and how it helps businesses integrate and automate processes, in this short video primer.

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