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From organization-wide initiatives and office updates to employee spotlights and beyond, here’s a look at what’s happening inside 2U.

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A Day in the Life: Learning and Engagement Facilitator Jess Lee

Learn how this No Back Row Award winner found clarity and confidence through a community of colleagues—and why she’s a firm believer in the adage “it takes a village.”

Apr 14, 2021·Bannon Puckett


How This Senior Manager of Student Success Is Practicing What She Preaches in the MBA@Rice Program

After years of coaching students, Kris Galligan decided to embark on her own educational journey. Today, she serves as both a leader and learner at 2U: working full-time as a senior manager of student success while completing the MBA@Rice program and raising a family.

Apr 5, 2021·Bannon Puckett


The Undeniable Power of Mentorship: Two 2Utes Share How They Built the Foundation for a Mentor-Mentee Relationship Grounded in Trust

How do you find a mentor you can identify with, or how do you know that you are best fit to support a mentee? Learn what a successful mentorship relationship looks like from two women 2Utes who found their match three years ago and are still reaping the life-changing benefits.

Mar 31, 2021·Molly Forman


A Day in the Life: Senior Creative Innovation Specialist Imani Lewis

Learn what this mission-driven 2Ute loves most about her work on the Digital Team and how she advocates for equity, empowerment, and allyship as a member of 2U's Womxn’s Alliance Network.

Mar 29, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Two Working Moms at 2U Share Their Stories of Balancing Childcare and a Full-Time Job Amid a Pandemic

Learn about the lives of two women at 2U in two vastly different parts of the world—Louise in Cape Town, South Africa, and Sophia in Gaithersburg, Maryland—who have personally dealt with the realities of what it’s like to be a working mom these days.

Mar 25, 2021·Molly Forman


DiversityFirst Honors Our VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Global Chairs of 2U's Business Resource Networks

Learn what this recognition means to Millette Granville and five other 2Utes paving the way for a stronger culture of inclusivity at 2U.

Mar 24, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Student Success Manager Corrine Padilla

Learn how this committed 2Ute—a member of our Womxn’s Alliance Network and first-generation college student—is now carving out spaces for underrepresented tech talent in Utah’s “Silicon Slopes.”

Mar 22, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Senior Academic Manager Morghanne Procter

Learn what it’s like to work on the Academic Management team for 2U-powered short courses from this recent No Back Row Award winner based in Cape Town—perhaps also a superhero in disguise.

Mar 18, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Director of SEO and Organic Search Ilhaam Ismail

March is Women’s History Month in the U.S., but it’s different in South Africa. Learn how this Cape Town-based member of our Womxn’s Alliance Network balances raising children, speaking out, and maximizing 2U’s presence online.

Mar 16, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Manager to the CMO Rachel Braunstein

Learn what it’s like to work on 2U’s Marketing team from one of our recent No Back Row Award winners.

Mar 9, 2021·Bannon Puckett

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