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From organization-wide initiatives and office updates to employee spotlights and beyond, here’s a look at what’s happening inside 2U.

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A Day in the Life: Course Developer Julieta Luevano

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, learn how this inspiring 2Ute continues to pursue her passion for Latin American studies as an active member of TuGente, 2U’s Business Resource Network for Latinx staff and allies.

Sep 24, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Everything Is “Lekker!” Cape Town 2Utes Share Their Unique Cultures for South Africa’s Heritage Day

Every September 24, my fellow South Africans and I take the day off to celebrate our country’s amazing diversity of beliefs, traditions, and languages. Hear what Heritage Day means to 2Utes from four different cultural groups: Malay, Zulu, Venda, and Afrikaans.

Sep 22, 2021·Natalie Williams


A Day in the Life: Video Post-Production Producer Andres Rocha

With the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, learn about Andres’ day-to-day role at 2U, what he’s found most rewarding as the inaugural global chair of TuGente—2U’s Business Resource Network for Latino/a/x staff and allies—and how being a first-generation American has informed his world view.

Sep 17, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Striking the Right Balance: Women at 2U on Navigating Work, Family, Education, and the Unexpected

In anticipation of Women’s Equality Day, 2U honors the thousands of women within our own ranks who make their voices heard, uplift their peers, and help us grow an inclusive company culture. Learn from some of our most inspiring women 2Utes who share their perspectives and advice.

Aug 25, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Video Producer (and Co-Emcee of Our 2021 Company Meeting) Tsakane “Tk” Shikwambana

Learn about this creative Cape Town-based storyteller’s role as a video producer for online short courses, how she’d craft the opening scene of her life at 2U “autobiopic,” and what the theme of this year’s virtual Company Meeting—which she expertly co-hosted with humor and flair—means to her.

Aug 20, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Women’s Month in South Africa: The Fight for Equal Rights Began with a March—and Continues with Advances in Education

The historic Women's March of August 9, 1956, was the tipping point in women's struggle for freedom and equality in South Africa. In my new role with 2U Cape Town, I’m excited to help the company advance women’s access and leadership through the power of education, technology, and connection.

Aug 18, 2021·Suraya Hamdulay


A Day in the Life: Senior Operations Manager Angie Labuschagne

Learn what this No Back Row Award winner has accomplished over the past seven years at 2U—from launching GetSmarter’s first international courses with MIT to collaborating with Cape Town’s creative studio.

Aug 6, 2021·Bannon Puckett


A Day in the Life: Mid-Motion Graphic Designer Chantell Swart

Learn how this 2020 No Back Row Award winner creates motion graphics for online short courses, why 3D animation is her passion, and what the 2U guiding principle “Don’t let the skeptic win” means to her.

Jul 26, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Meet Four Student-Serving 2Utes Who Are the Embodiment of “Love Under Pressure”

During 2U’s annual Company Meeting, I had the privilege of introducing a panel of 2Utes who are emblematic of our nearly 4,000 employees who make service their mission. Find out how they put this year’s theme—“Love Under Pressure”—into practice every day.

Jul 21, 2021·Brad Adams


A Day in the Life: Regional Recruitment Manager Katie Fleming

Learn what this No Back Row Award winner loves most about working on 2U’s recruiting team—and why she considers relationships key to the company’s overarching success.

Jul 20, 2021·Bannon Puckett

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