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A Day in the Life: Student Success Manager Miguel Gonzalez

Written by Molly Forman on Sep 25, 2020

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This story is a part of our ‘A Day in the Life’ series that highlights the career journeys of 2U employees across the world. From September 15 through October 15 we’re celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month and featuring members of one of our Business Resource Networks: TuGente.

Miguel Gonzalez knew at a young age that he wanted to study law in order to help his family and his country. But after three years working at a federal court, he realized he wouldn’t be able to help people in the way he wanted.

There was one trial in particular that changed the course of Miguel’s career. One of the accused was an 18-year-old girl who never had the opportunity to complete her studies and couldn’t get a job. Surrounded by bad influences, she started committing crimes. Listening to her story was heartbreaking for Miguel. He knew he wouldn’t be able to help her in court, but there was one silver lining: he could help others like her through education.

“For me, education and knowledge are the key to saving countries and helping communities grow,” said Miguel. So he quit his job and decided to pursue a new career in education.

Luckily, Miguel already had experience teaching English to kids, and that helped when he applied for a teaching position at Universidad TecMilenio and then later to the university’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) program.

After more than eight years working as a teacher, coordinator, and director, Miguel knew he wanted to expand his knowledge and learn more about education technology. That’s when he found Trilogy, a 2U, Inc. brand.

Read on to learn about Miguel’s dedication to education and his perspective on Heritage Month.

Why did you join 2U? What is it about the company that sparked your interest?

I joined Trilogy, a 2U, Inc. brand, because of the company’s mission and passion for education. Besides that, the same year that I applied to work at Trilogy I had completed a short course in Python and was impressed by how important learning to code is to education today. I was (and still am) really excited to work for a company involved in the education and technology field.

How would you describe your role as a student success manager?

As a student success manager, I help students change their lives throughout the 24 weeks of a boot camp. These students are committing to a life-changing decision and I am there to support them, the instructors, and everyone else involved. It’s not a simple job, but it’s really rewarding.

What do you find most rewarding and challenging about your job?

I find it most rewarding to be able to help students achieve their goals. Most students apply because they are looking for a career change, just like I did years ago. So I’m always happy to share my experience with them.

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Pride and unity.

This month reminds me to be proud of where I come from. I’m really proud of how we as Hispanic/Latinx people were and are able to contribute and influence everything in the United States and around the world. Musicians, scientists, actors, athletes, soldiers, and even food—we are everywhere.

I mention unity because we are like a big family. We have a special bond that makes us stronger when we are together.

How will you be celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month this year?

By joining fellow members of TuGente, a Latino/a/x business resource network of 2Utes with a mission to educate, inform, and impact 2U, its employees, and the community at large, in our organization’s Hispanic Heritage Month activities!

Out of everything you’ve done at 2U so far, what are you proudest of?

Two words: helping students. There is nothing more beautiful than helping other human beings.

What advice would you give to someone just starting at 2U?

Welcome to this great family. Buckle your seatbelt and be ready to give your best.

Are you interested in a job like Miguel’s? Check out our Student Engagement team page for information on open positions. We’re hiring.

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