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Give a Damn.

Written by 2U on Jun 3, 2020

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Give a damn.

Three words: Give. A. Damn. Together they define one of our nine guiding principles.

Over the past week, as we’ve watched the fabric of our society being torn apart in the face of a legacy of injustice, racism, and the senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor—among so many others—these three words have taken on new meaning.

In this moment, we ALL need to give a damn. That means . . .

Listening—really listening—to the pain and lived experiences of our Black colleagues in the US;

Recognizing that issues of racism, violence, and injustice are also an inescapable part of the lives of our South African colleagues;

Taking ownership of what it means to be an authentic ally, acknowledging that allyship is a journey that involves ongoing education and continued empathy;

Embracing the discomfort that comes with confronting privilege and the hard truths about race and racism;

Being more than a passive bystander by joining the fight against racism;

Using our voices, influence, and power to demand real change;

Seeing and recognizing our shared humanity while celebrating our differences;

Demonstrating with our words and actions how 2Utes are standing together in the fight against racism and for equity, equality, and change.

Give. A. Damn.

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