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“How Did We Get Here?” Curated 🎥 + 🎧 + 📘 Tracks from Our Black Engagement Network on Juneteenth, Systemic Racism, and Allyship

Written by Dr. SyLinda Musaindapo, Ed.D. | Black Engagement Network (BNet) on Jun 17, 2021

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We all have different levels of familiarity and experience with topics related to slavery, race, and systemic racism.

As we look ahead to Juneteenth this coming Saturday, June 19, my colleagues in 2U’s Black Engagement Network (BNet) and I invite everyone to explore the “tracks” we've collectively curated below. Together, these links offer important perspectives on the holiday’s intertwining history with systemic racism, ways we can overcome bias through allyship, and various answers to the question “how did we get here?”

We welcome you to watch 🎥 , listen 🎧 , and read 📗 any and all of these resources. Be sure to then share and discuss what you learn with friends, family, and colleagues before honoring the holiday using this helpful Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth guide from fellow BNet member DeAndrea Chavis.

Placement Coordinator DeAndrea Chavis and her family celebrating Juneteenth

TRACK 1: The History of Juneteenth

🎥 The history of Juneteenth by historian Dr. Shennette Garrett-Scott

🎧 153 years of Juneteenth, a 2018 podcast from WNYC Studios’ “The Takeaway”

🎧 Happy Juneteenth! with UCLA's Brenda Stevenson

📗 What is Juneteenth? by Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

An Instagram post from Senior Manager of Career Experience and Learning Shaté Hayes, celebrating Juneteenth with grads from Spelman (her alma mater), Tuskegee, and Florida A&M

📗 Why’d it take so long for some of us to find out about Juneteenth? by Kyla Wright, Hampton University graduate

📗 What you can do about racial injustice this Juneteenth by Jess McIntosh of ShareBlue Media

📗 The Black American holiday that everyone should celebrate but doesn’t by Slate’s former chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie

📗 A Slave No More, a book by David W. Wright

An invitation from Student Success Manager Kayani Turner

TRACK 2: A History of Systemic Racism

🎥 What is systemic racism?, a multi-part video series on Race Forward

🎥 Ava DuVernay's 13th, a documentary available on Netflix and YouTube

🎥 Explained: Racial wealth gap from Netflix and Vox Media Studios

🎥 How can we win with author Kimberly Jones, from filmmaker and photographer David Jones

🎧 Podcasts from The New York Times “1619” project:

🎧 + 📗 The case for reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic

Student Success Manager Tanesha Dixon and friends celebrating Juneteenth
Student Success Advisor Elizabeth-Wede Fahnbulleh (at left) in Liberia, West Africa, where her parents are from and also where, for a time, she was the principal at a pre-K through 8 international school
Faculty Training Specialist Tiffany Brown is a graduate of Bowie State University, Maryland's oldest HBCU (Historically Black College & University)

📗 The enduring solidarity of whiteness by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic

📗 Want to have better conversation about racism with your parents? Here’s how, an NPR interview with Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race

A special moment during the wedding of Faculty Relationship Manager (and BNet Global Chair) SyLinda Musaindapo, in which the younger generation honored their ancestors with gifts

TRACK 4: How Did We Get Here?

🎥 The New Jim Crow, a University of Chicago lecture by author Michelle Alexander

🎥 How can we win with author Kimberly Jones, from filmmaker and photographer David Jones (a repeat link from above—it’s that powerful)

🎥 Black Lives Matter explained, a history of the movement from the Channel 4 News (UK)

📗 Yes, we mean literally abolish the police, an op-ed in The New York Times Sunday Review

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