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Future of Work and Learning

Education technology transforms how we learn—and in turn, transforms the skills we bring to the workplace. Here’s a look at how education innovation is reshaping what it means to be a professional in the digital age.

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Creating a More Equitably Engaged Classroom: Step 1 - Evaluate

Now more than ever, it’s not enough to be fair and impartial in today’s classrooms. Educators must actively review and reimagine how they create more inclusive and inviting learning environments—online or in-person—for all students.

Jan 22, 2021·Stacy Hall


From Classroom to Cloud: Resources to Facilitate a Smooth Transition Online

Check out this list of resources for tips and tricks on how to facilitate a smooth transition online

Jan 21, 2021·Molly Forman


The Importance of Workforce Development and the Value of Public-Private Partnerships, According to Employ Prince George’s Walter Simmons

Learn more about why we are working with Employ Prince George's to meet one of the County’s most critical needs.

Dec 8, 2020·Molly Forman


When Disruption Breeds Innovation: How 2U’s Placement Team Supported Learners During a Pandemic

As the SVP of Placement at 2U, Jessica Wang spent this past spring with her team creating COVID-19-era solutions for the thousands of degree program students who were challenged by the closures of their field placement sites. Learn how Placement supported learners in the midst of a pandemic.

Dec 2, 2020·Jessica Wang


Our Managing Director of Degree Programs Shares Her Reflections on 2020 and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

2U's Managing Director of Degree Programs Ebony Lee describes 2020 as being a year that 2U needed to be more nimble, flexible, and creative in solving unique problems during an unprecedented time. Read on for more on Ebony, her thoughts on this past year, the hurdles overcome and successes accomplished, and what to expect in the year ahead.

Nov 23, 2020·Molly Forman


Our Managing Director of Short Courses Shares His Reflections on 2020 and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

For 2U's Managing Director of Short Courses Ryan O’Mahoney, 2020 has inspired new product models and platform enhancements that are paving the way for future success. Read on for more on Ryan, his thoughts on this past year, and what to expect for the short course industry in 2021.

Nov 13, 2020·Molly Forman


How Online Education is Building a Stronger Tomorrow for Today's Students

With demand for online education climbing, now, more than ever, online programs are in a unique position to pave the way to a brighter future for the emerging workforce and our country. Learn what 2U’s Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer David Sutphen and Kaplan’s President of University Partners and Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation Brandon Busteed believe the future holds.

Nov 9, 2020·Molly Forman


Our Managing Director of Boot Camps Shares His Reflections on 2020 and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

Unsurprisingly, “embrace change” are the two words that have defined the course of 2U's boot camp business in 2020 and Greg Calverase’s experience as managing director. Read on for more on Greg, his thoughts on this past year, and what to expect from the boot camp industry in 2021.

Nov 5, 2020·Molly Forman


As Placement Sites Shuttered Their Doors, 2U Launched the VFX to Ensure Social Work Students Could Continue Their Studies Uninterrupted

When COVID-19 upended higher ed in the spring, social work programs that required hundreds of hours of hands-on learning experiences to graduate threatened to shut down. At 2U, we found a way to support our partners and create a sustainable solution that would enable social work students to graduate on time: the Virtual Field eXperience (VFX).

Oct 28, 2020·Jessica Wang


The “Pandemic Proof” Career: 3 Tips to Remain Employer Competitive in a COVID-Era Economy

What does it take to pandemic-proof your career and remain employer competitive during a COVID-era economy? Learn a couple of tips and tricks from 2U's Senior Vice President of Career Services Jennifer Henry and Microsoft’s Yachica Gonazlez.

Oct 13, 2020·Jennifer K. Henry

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