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James Kenigsberg

Chief Technology Officer

James Kenigsberg is 2U’s Chief Technology Officer and a 2U founding team member. Kenigsberg is an entrepreneur and technology evangelist who finds the passion and fun in using technology to improve education.

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Master of Confidence, Vigilance, and Ease of Mind: Meet Andres Andreu, SVP of Cybersecurity

With October being National Cybersecurity Month, I sat down with Dre to chat about how he got into this constantly changing field, what his role at 2U entails, advice for others pursuing a career in cybersecurity, and even some best practices for protecting your data, your systems, and yourself.

Oct 8, 2021·James Kenigsberg


Teaching Online from Home? Make Cybersecurity a Priority

For universities offering online education programs, one of the most important responsibilities they have is putting the necessary privacy and security measures in place. Here are my recommendations for instructors to protect themselves, their students, and their institutions.

Apr 24, 2020·James Kenigsberg