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Jennifer K. Henry

Senior Vice President of Career Services, 2U, Inc.

Jennifer Henry is the senior vice president of Career Services at 2U. Previously, she held the same title at Trilogy Education. Prior to joining Trilogy, Jennifer was a co-founder and the SVP of Coaching and Academics at OneUni, an international edtech startup that worked towards enabling people to earn their university degrees on their smartphones. 

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Harnessing the Hyper-Relevant Skills and Experience of Practitioners: Why Industry Professionals Teach 2U-Powered Boot Camps

Industry professionals make boot camp learning more relevant with concrete examples from their day-to-day experience. Discover why and how 2U works hand-in-hand with university partners to leverage their technical expertise and real-world insights for student success.


Our Obligation: Why We Design Boot Camp Curriculum Aligned with Workforce Needs

We take seriously the obligation we have to ensure that our boot camp curriculum is tightly aligned with the expectations of employers so that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be relevant and valued. Learn more.

Jan 27, 2021·Jennifer K. Henry


The “Pandemic Proof” Career: 3 Tips to Remain Employer Competitive in a COVID-Era Economy

What does it take to pandemic-proof your career and remain employer competitive during a COVID-era economy? Learn a couple of tips and tricks from 2U's Senior Vice President of Career Services Jennifer Henry and Microsoft’s Yachica Gonazlez.

Oct 13, 2020·Jennifer K. Henry


How We Use Employer Insights to Drive Stronger Student Outcomes in Tech Boot Camps

To help students get ahead now and future-proof their careers in the booming yet competitive tech industry, both educators and learners should focus on marrying technical skill-building with the development of critical interpersonal skills. Learn how we ensure both types of skills are learned by our boot camp students.

Sep 11, 2020·Jennifer K. Henry