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José L. Santos, Ph.D.

Vice President & Team Lead, Program Strategy

José Santos is the vice president who leads the Program Strategy team at 2U across degree programs and alternative credentials. José has 20+ years experience in higher education. Prior to joining 2U, José was the senior executive who led the higher education portfolio for a public policy advocacy organization in Washington, D.C., as the VP of higher education policy and practice at The Education Trust – where he worked at the highest policy levels. Prior to that, José was a professor at UCLA and Pepperdine University and his scholarship is published widely including top-tiered academic journals focusing on higher education college access, success, and policy. His work on affirmative action was filed in the brief of the Law School Admission Council as amicus curiae in support of the University of Austin, et. al., in the US Supreme Court case, Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Austin, et. al.

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Zooming in on Hispanic-Serving Institutions—and New HSI Partners Ready to Close the Tech Gap with Netflix

The Latina/o/x community remains vastly underrepresented in a number of key areas, including education. The new partnerships that 2U and Netflix are embarking on with Marymount University and St. Edward’s University are part of a proven strategy to help increase diversity in the tech sector.