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Kelsy Doheny

Faculty Relationship Manager

Kelsy Doheny has been with 2U since 2018. Prior to joining the company, she worked as a middle school social studies teacher. She holds a master's degree in Teaching and a master's degree in American Studies. Outside of education, Kelsy enjoys hiking, swimming, and being a new dog mom to her puppy Sadie.

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49 Years of Title IX: From Equity in Women’s Sports to Transgender Rights to My Feminist-Athlete Mom

In June 1972, Title IX was passed to extend civil rights protections to the education community. Some aspects of the law continue to be debated today, from LGBTQIA+ inclusion to how harassment claims are handled. Over the years, grassroot efforts have made all the difference for change. One difference-maker was my mom.

Jun 28, 2021·Kelsy Doheny