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Krista Celentano

Corporate Communications Specialist

Krista Celentano is a corporate communications specialist at 2U, Inc. She plays a key role in the execution of public relations initiatives and development of strategic content that enhance the corporate brand narratives at 2U and share the company’s positive impact and life-changing student outcomes with the world.

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Partner Spotlight

A Look Inside the Case Study Method Practiced by the Harvard Business Analytics Program

This week, the Harvard Business Analytics Program hosted its first-ever LinkedIn Live Case Study event featuring Professor Karim Lakhani and several past and present students. Watch the event here.

Jul 24, 2020·Krista Celentano


These 4 Leaders Are Prioritizing Allyship and Anti-Racism to Enact Change

Watch Chip Paucek discuss the powerful impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, white allyship, and the required leadership to enact necessary change.

Jul 20, 2020·Krista Celentano


How 3 University Presidents are Planning for Fall 2020

Learn how three university presidents are laying the groundwork for the fall semester amid COVID-19.

Jun 30, 2020·Krista Celentano


Collision from Home Conference: 3 Things 2U and Netflix Taught Me About Leadership

Learn what leadership lessons Chip Paucek and Netflix Chief Product Officer and 2U Board Member Greg Peters shared during the virtual Collision from Home conference.

Jun 23, 2020·Krista Celentano


The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning: Our Takeaways From This Week’s GSV Virtual Summit Series

Our Co-Founder and CEO Chip Paucek participated on a panel at the GSV Virtual Summit Series on “the dawn of the age of digital learning.” Here's what we learned.

May 14, 2020·Krista Celentano