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Luyen Chou

Chief Learning Officer

Luyen Chou is chief learning officer at 2U, Inc., overseeing the company’s vision and standards for the learning experience across all products.

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How We Define Quality in Education

At 2U, we are singularly focused on making sure the educational experiences we deliver meet the needs and expectations of the learner—and most importantly, drive outcomes. Learn more about quality from 2U's chief learning officer, Luyen Chou.

Sep 24, 2020·Luyen Chou

News & Press

Studio in a Box: Our Pop-Up Solution for In-Person Video Production

Today, Studio in a Box is being used by faculty across the world. It has quickly become a necessity for 2U’s business during a time of great change in education delivery. Learn more about what Studio in a Box is from our chief learning officer, Luyen Chou.

Apr 10, 2020·Luyen Chou