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Molly Forman

Senior Managing Editor, Corporate Brand and Engagement

Molly Forman is senior managing editor, Corporate Brand and Engagement at 2U, Inc., responsible for bringing 2U’s value proposition to life through the development and execution of outcome-focused content. She is a natural storyteller with an insatiable curiosity and a background in journalism.

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From Classroom to Cloud: Resources to Facilitate a Smooth Transition Online

Check out this list of resources for tips and tricks on how to facilitate a smooth transition online

Jan 21, 2021·Molly Forman


A Day in the Life: Senior Placement Specialist Maxie Bilyeu

Learn what it's like to work at 2U from Senior Placement Specialist Maxie Bilyeu.

Jan 19, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

How 2U-Powered Boot Camps Helped Three Graduates Overcome On-the-Job Obstacles

Transforming difficulty into opportunity, Yulia Chilikina, Umair Khakoo, and Marc Weimer enrolled in 2U-powered boot camps to get ahead at their current companies. In doing so, they gained the skills needed to achieve meaningful professional advancement. Here are their stories.

Jan 11, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

How They Built This: Entrepreneurs Who Found Inspiration At 2U-Powered Coding Boot Camps

Learn how five entrepreneurs found the courage to follow their dreams through 2U-powered coding boot camps.

Jan 4, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

Meet Our 2020 Boot Camp Instructor Excellence Award Winner: John Desrosiers

2U's 2020 Boot Camp Instructor Excellence Awards winner was John Desrosiers, a full stack flex instructor at University of California, San Diego. Learn more about John and how he became the influential instructor he is today.

Dec 21, 2020·Molly Forman


A Day in the Life: Director of Strategic Events Lauren Liles

Learn what it's like to work at 2U from Director of Strategic Events Lauren Liles.

Dec 18, 2020·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

Prescribing Change: How Boot Camp Graduates Are Giving Back to the Medical Community

As technology advances, healthcare visionaries will continue harnessing the power of data to prescribe industry-wide change. Learn how four graduates of 2U-powered boot camps are doing exactly that.

Dec 16, 2020·Molly Forman


Three 2Utes Share the Meaningful Ways They Made Service Their Mission This Fall

At 2U, giving back to our communities is, simply put, a part of our culture.

Dec 14, 2020·Molly Forman


The Importance of Workforce Development and the Value of Public-Private Partnerships, According to Employ Prince George’s Walter Simmons

Learn more about why we are working with Employ Prince George's to meet one of the County’s most critical needs.

Dec 8, 2020·Molly Forman


The Path Less Traveled: How 2U Helps State Farm Find Top Tech Talent in Non-Traditional Places

At 2U, we partner with employers to provide a strong funnel of talent from our boot camps. Learn how we work with organizations like State Farm.

Dec 3, 2020·Molly Forman