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Molly Forman

Senior Managing Editor, Communications & Engagement

Molly Forman is the senior managing editor of The Latest, responsible for bringing 2U’s value proposition to life through engaging and dynamic outcomes-focused content. She is a natural storyteller with an insatiable curiosity and a background in journalism.

The Latest.

Looking for the latest in education technology? Or to see what’s been happening at 2U? It’s all right here.

Partner Spotlight

Low-Stakes, High-Quality: How Virtual Fieldwork Prepares Syracuse Master of Social Work Students to Practice With Confidence

Learn how Syracuse University’s Falk School of Social Work partnered with 2U to offer Virtual Fieldwork Experience (VFX) to students during COVID-19—and why this innovation will be a staple of their Master of Social Work program moving forward.

Oct 15, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

How Howard University is Accelerating Opportunity Through an Online Master of Social Work Program

Dean Crewe shares how the online MSW program will teach aspiring social workers to embrace and engage with different perspectives and accelerate social justice.

Aug 30, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

UC Irvine Dean Gary Matkin on Why University Boot Camps Are Key to Unlocking Economic Opportunity

Learn why UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education Dean Gary Matkin believes that university boot camps are the way of the future.

Apr 7, 2021·Molly Forman


The Undeniable Power of Mentorship: Two 2Utes Share How They Built the Foundation for a Mentor-Mentee Relationship Grounded in Trust

How do you find a mentor you can identify with, or how do you know that you are best fit to support a mentee? Learn what a successful mentorship relationship looks like from two women 2Utes who found their match three years ago and are still reaping the life-changing benefits.

Mar 31, 2021·Molly Forman


Two Working Moms at 2U Share Their Stories of Balancing Childcare and a Full-Time Job Amid a Pandemic

Learn about the lives of two women at 2U in two vastly different parts of the world—Louise in Cape Town, South Africa, and Sophia in Gaithersburg, Maryland—who have personally dealt with the realities of what it’s like to be a working mom these days.

Mar 25, 2021·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

Finding Her Muse: How a University of Cambridge Short Course Helped This Model Become a Steward of Eco-Friendly Fashion

Learn how fashion model Arizona Muse was inspired by a 2U-powered online short course in Business Sustainability Management to build consciously-sourced clothing brands—serving people and the planet.

Mar 23, 2021·Molly Forman


From Classroom to Cloud: Resources to Facilitate a Smooth Transition Online

Check out this list of resources for tips and tricks on how to facilitate a smooth transition online

Mar 19, 2021·Molly Forman


A Day in the Life: Lead Faculty Training Specialist Marylynne Lawson

Learn how this 2Ute uses her intimate understanding of teaching to empower faculty and her passion for women’s education to fuel her ambitions—at work and in her personal life.

Mar 4, 2021·Molly Forman


Guild Education x 2U: Unlocking the Potential of America’s Workforce

To keep up with the changing tides of the economy, companies across the country must adapt, and one of the smartest investments they can make to ensure their future success is in the lifelong learning and skills development of their workforce.

Feb 23, 2021·Molly Forman


Goodbye, Suit and Tie: Booz Allen Is Breaking Consulting Stereotypes, One Boot Camp Hire at a Time

Learn how our partnership with consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton helps the company accelerate innovation on a global scale.

Feb 22, 2021·Molly Forman