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Nathan Greeno

SVP, Global Program Strategy

Nathan Greeno is senior vice president, university relations at 2U and former vice president of partnerships and strategic initiatives at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

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Why a Digital Transformation Strategy Is an Imperative for Universities, Now More Than Ever

For universities to remain relevant, competitive, and financially viable in this era of tremendous technological change, having an experienced and trusted digital transformation partner to help extend their mission into the future is critical.

May 26, 2021·Nathan Greeno


6 Considerations for Universities Offering Online Education This Fall

Nathan Greeno, SVP of global program strategy at 2U, offers guidance for universities to keep in mind when preparing for the fall online.

Jul 1, 2020·Nathan Greeno


6 Considerations for Universities Quickly Transitioning to Online Education

As universities quickly transition to online education, our SVP of global program strategy offers a few remote learning strategies for them to consider

Mar 23, 2020·Nathan Greeno