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Hi, We're 2U.

Written by David Sutphen on Dec 17, 2019

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Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of our new website. With this redesign comes a new look, a new feel, an evolved brand identity. We set out to clearly demonstrate the value we offer universities and the great outcomes we deliver together for students. We also reinforced the elements of 2U that make us who we are: our mission-driven culture, nine uniting guiding principles, purpose, passion, and powerful people-first mindset. That’s all front and center on our website in a more engaging and compelling way.

The new was purposely built to communicate our distinct position in the marketplace, and we’ve accomplished that by making a series of meaningful improvements.

Better articulation of our mission and impact.

Check out our new homepage video. It tells the story of the impact we make, following the student journey while identifying the role 2U and our partners have in student success. Combine that with our up-close-and-personal photography and our outcomes highlighted in big, bold numbers and you’ll find that we’ve created a website that allows you to envision yourself as a 2Ute, a partner, a faculty member, or a student.

Clearly defining what we do and how we do it.

Our success is measured by the impact we have on students’ lives, and we bring that to life through the career curriculum continuum, 2UOS, and each 2U team description. Whether you’re looking for more details on our approach—edtech with a human touch—or data to understand what success looks like for our partners, their faculty, and their students, has what you need in a few short clicks.

A page dedicated to each partnership we’ve built.

The testimonials are compelling, the stories behind our partnerships are relatable, the programs offered are easy to find, and prospective universities have the information they need to envision a partnership with us. We are proud to shine a spotlight on the trusted partnerships we have built since 2008. Keep an eye out for pages dedicated to all of our Trilogy boot camp partners–they’re coming soon.

Bringing our employer brand to life through consistent #Lifeat2U touchpoints.

Finding great talent starts here. We ground our hiring in our values and with the evolved, prospective employees will see that. Our teams and offices each have a home on the new website, offering more insight into what it’s like to work at 2U–including the unique culture of each location and competitive benefits–so we can attract the employees we need to provide the best service.

A new space dedicated to storytelling.

We call it “The Latest”–a dynamic hub for 2U news. You can look forward to a behind-the-scenes view of what we’re doing to achieve our mission, real stories from faculty and students about their program experiences and careers, our perspective on trending edtech news, and insight into where we’re going next.

Welcome to the evolved where you can get to know us even better. Learn more about who we are and where we’re going and join us on our journey to eliminate the back row in education. #NoBackRow