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Parents & Caregivers Network (PCNet)

2U's Business Resource Network for Parents and Caregivers

PCNet supports fellow 2U caregivers as professionals by creating an inclusive environment; building opportunities for networking, advocacy, and support; and raising broader awareness about caregiver experiences.

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Meet Jalisa Greene, PCNet’s Global Vice Chair for Parents Who Advocates for Fellow Working Caregivers

Learn how Jalisa balances her work as an admissions counselor at 2U with raising her five-year-old son—and hear some of the greatest lessons she’s learned as a working caregiver.


Meet PCNet Vice Chair for Caregivers Alissa Berdahl, Who Found Support and Love in Prioritizing Precious Time with Her Mom

Learn about the all-important job that brought this admissions counselor to the company’s newest Business Resource Network and, in some ways, has kept her at 2U: being a caregiver for her mom.


Meet PCNet Global Chair Audra Miller, a Parent Whose Adoption Journey Taught Her the Importance of Self-Care

Hear from the inaugural chair of 2U’s Parents and Caregivers Network (PCNet) how she strikes work-life balance at the company, the “super power” she discovered in herself as a working parent, and advice she has for other parents and caregivers considering 2U for their next career.


Introducing PCNet: A Support Community for Parents and Caregivers Juggling Multiple “Jobs” at Once

How do we care for those caring for others? Learn about 2U’s newest Business Resource Network, the Parents and Caregivers Network (PCNet).