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Rachel Koblic

Former Senior Director of Course Strategy

Rachel Koblic was a senior director of course strategy at 2U. She has more than 15 years of experience related to learning and education and is an online MSEd candidate in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University—Bloomington.

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Don’t Learn in a Vacuum: Why Thinking is Crucial to Growing

At 2U, we know that students learn best when receiving feedback, learning with others, and reflecting on the process of learning—rather than just doing something in a vacuum. Learn how we design learning experiences with opportunities for feedback to help students course-correct, hone their skills, and solidify new knowledge.

Nov 2, 2020·Rachel Koblic


Practice Makes Perfect: The Art of Doing in Learning

When it comes to effective learning, active learning is key. Students learn best by doing, or put more eloquently, through applied practice. Learn how 2U’s Learning Design & Development teams design learning experiences that ensure learning is usable and not inert.

Oct 15, 2020·Rachel Koblic


Why We Put All the Feels Into Learning

A learner’s feelings, attitudes, and beliefs have a significant impact on how they learn, with positive ones helping the process and negative ones hindering it. Learn how 2U’s Learning Design & Development teams design learning experiences that help students feel intrinsically motivated.

Sep 29, 2020·Rachel Koblic


2U’s Learning Experience Framework: Evidence-Based Principles of Learning for Designing Transformative Digital Education

2U's Learning Experience is not just a document, it’s part of our DNA and informs how we think about course design across all our offerings. Learn what it is and how it works.

Aug 11, 2020·Rachel Koblic