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Stephen Eichinger

Editorial Manager, Corporate Brand and Engagement

Stephen Eichinger is an editorial manager, Corporate Brand and Engagement at 2U, Inc. He generates creative content strategies that align with diverse audience needs, prime business objectives, company-wide campaigns, and corporate messaging. Prior to joining 2U, he worked in higher education communications.

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An Entrepreneur's Data-Driven Experience in the Harvard Business Analytics Program

Hear from a CEO about how he's applying the lessons he learned in the Harvard Business Analytics Program to his peer-to-peer learning platform company.

Apr 6, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


What You Need to Know About Learning Online—from Students Who’ve Been There

Hear from 2U employees who have experienced a 2U-powered program as they share their tips and tricks for online learning

Mar 25, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


How a Nonprofit Founder is Leveraging an Online MBA to Grow his Business

Throughout his life, Moses Mbehesa has dedicated himself to doing good. When he enrolled in MBA@Dayton, he found a degree program that matched his values and aspirations.

Mar 9, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


A High-Impact Online Nursing Program Leads to High-Quality Patient Care

Mary Kathleen Haber always knew nursing was her calling. With the Nursing@Simmons program, she was able to provide healthcare to Baltimore’s most at-risk populations.

Feb 23, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


“You Can’t Be What You Can’t See”: How Trilogy and Girls Who Code Are Changing the Face of Technology

Fewer than one in five computer science graduates are female. Faced with this statistic, young women across the country look to role models for inspiration—and courage.

Jan 27, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


Mohammed Wardeh Needed a Second Chance–with Trilogy, He Got One

How a boot camp graduate became a full-time software engineer at Trilogy

Jan 1, 2020·Stephen Eichinger