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Stephen Eichinger

Editorial Manager, Corporate Brand and Engagement

Stephen Eichinger is an editorial manager, Corporate Brand and Engagement at 2U, Inc. He generates creative content strategies that align with diverse audience needs, prime business objectives, company-wide campaigns, and corporate messaging. Prior to joining 2U, he worked in higher education communications.

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Liberty Mutual’s TechStart Program: Developing New Employees the Way 2U-Powered Boot Camps Develop Talent

At 2U, we partner with employers to provide a strong funnel of talent from our boot camps. Learn how we work with organizations like Liberty Mutual.

Oct 1, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

A Negotiation Course for a Student Negotiating a Battlefield

Nigel Preisner enrolled in a GetSmarter short course while on assignment with NATO in Iraq. Learn what happened after a drone strike near his Baghdad residence threatened to derail his learning—and his safety.

Sep 1, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

How the University of Denver is Planning for a Fall of Ethical Contact Tracing and COVID Preparedness

The dean of The Morgridge College of Education shares how the University of Denver has prepared for the fall and how their partnership with 2U has helped them create quality online education.

Aug 27, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


What a Software Engineer at Autodesk Considers When Hiring Tech Talent

At 2U, we pride ourselves on the power of our partnerships, which extend beyond the walls of our university partners and into the workplace. Learn how we work with partners like Autodesk to provide career advice for boot camp learners.

Aug 25, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

Ready for Liftoff: How a Cybersecurity Boot Camp Prepared Kyle Baxter for a Future at NASA

Read how Trilogy's Career Services team helped Kyle Baxter land a data controller role at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Aug 18, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

From Classmates to Soulmates: How Two Students Found Love Through the MBA@Denver Program

Ali Hovland and Devin Heitman enrolled in the MBA@Denver program seeking industry expertise and career progression. Today, they’re also sharing their lives with each other—and are engaged to be married in 2021. Read their Rocky Mountain meet-cute.

Aug 14, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

These Boot Camp Grads Built an App That Combats Gender Bias—One Word at a Time

The winner's of our Next Level Contest created a data-driven tool that identifies gender-biased language in job descriptions. Learn more.

Aug 4, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

How the USC MAT Online Program Prepared Students to Guide Their Guiding Teachers Through COVID-19

When COVID-19 upended normality, some student teachers from the USC MAT online program found that they were the ones advising their guiding teachers. Find out how the program prepared these students to become the teachers.

Jul 29, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

Partner Spotlight

Prescribing Growth: How Nursing@Simmons Supported Kris Bolling’s Career Development

Read how Nursing@Simmons provided the flexibility for a nurse based in small-town Wisconsin to advance her career.

Jul 21, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


Boot Camps Help Provide Cognizant with Access to Tech Talent

Learn why Cognizant works with 2U to meet its tech recruitment needs.

Jul 17, 2020·Stephen Eichinger