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Three 2Utes Share the Meaningful Ways They Made Service Their Mission This Fall

Written by Molly Forman on Dec 14, 2020

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Jaclyn Andrews, Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis

At 2U, giving back to our communities is, simply put, a part of our culture. We pride ourselves on offering employees the chance to give back through 2U Days of Service, a bi-annual event dedicated to improving the regions in which we live and work. While November Days of Service looked different this year due to the pandemic, many 2Utes still dedicated their time to donate, serve, and share in a safe environment and in a meaningful way. Here are three stories of education-centric compassion and generosity, as shared by the 2Utes who truly exemplified 2U’s “Make Service Your Mission” Guiding Principle this fall.

Kelley Robinson, Manager, Admissions

Her story:

“During Days of Service, I volunteered with a local chapter of DECA, an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for marketing, finance, hospitality, and management careers through competitive roleplay events, to judge their district competition. Judges are assigned to a particular event and, in non-COVID times, the students present their case solution in-person to the judge after having 15-20 minutes to read their case and prepare their presentation/solution. The competition was virtual this year, so I judged seven virtual presentations in my assigned event and provided detailed feedback for each group of students. Judges with business world experience are necessary for these events to take place and are all volunteers.

I was a very involved DECA member in high school, and the organization played a huge role in shaping the person I am today. I remember how valuable it was as a high school student to have the opportunity to receive meaningful feedback from someone with experience in the business world, and I always knew I wanted to give back once I had the opportunity. So, I volunteer with a local DECA chapter every year.”

When asked what “Make Service Your Mission” means to her, Kelley said:

“#MakeServiceYourMission is an intrinsic core value. To me, it means that you're driven at your core to do something because it's your moral duty, your calling, your mission to serve.

Claire Levesque, Contract Administrator

Her story:

“I traveled to Serabu and Freetown (Sierra Leone) in 2017 on a medical mission trip for an eye clinic. There, I met a lifelong friend, Francis Foray, who was working in the clinic in Serabu. Francis is now in medical school in Freetown, and he's taken it upon himself to launch a nonprofit called the Cari Foundation to help students whose schools are barely buildings.

I joined the board of the up-and-coming nonprofit this November to help support their goal to build schools in two villages in Sierra Leone, and provide a positive learning environment for underprivileged students.

We plan to raise funds to construct one primary school in the Korie Chiefdom Moyamba district, and rehabilitate another primary school in the Mano Dasse Moyamba District of the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.”

When asked what “Make Service Your Mission” means to her, Claire said:

“To give back, no matter how small the contribution. ‘Go out into the world and do good until there is too much good in the world.’ - Larry Miller”

Jaclyn Andrews, Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Her story:

“Over the course of Days of Service, I tutored remotely through Pandemic Professors and worked directly with a fourth-grader on geometry, a subject that was supposed to be taught to him at the end of last year but was left for students to learn on their own when COVID hit.

I gave back to Pandemic Professors for two main reasons. The first is because the organization was co-founded this year by a classmate of mine in the 2U-powered Berkeley MIDS program. I love supporting fellow Bears in their projects for good. The second reason is that education accessibility is a fight we must keep on fighting. The educational gap that has always existed is getting wider as access to basic public education is now reliant on students having technology equipment and skills. Pandemic Professors was created to fill that niche and urgent gap, and it's important to me that we don't let a pandemic force students to fall behind.”

When asked what “Make Service Your Mission” means to her, Jaclyn said:

“Making service your mission means that service is interwoven throughout your life and values and decisions, not just a chore or an extracurricular.”

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