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Watch Our Senior Director of Course Strategy Present on 2U’s Learning Experience Framework

Written by Krista Celentano on Oct 16, 2020

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It’s no secret that the hybridization of higher education happened almost overnight with the sudden arrival of COVID-19. Given the pandemic has ultimately created a “new normal” for the higher education industry, online instruction can no longer be viewed as merely a forced experiment or temporary fix—rather, a transformational approach worthy of institutions’ commitment and investment. But to date, many of the online learning experiences universities offer are still no more than direct replicas of the residential classroom. Research, data, and technology allow us to do so much more than this simple translation.

Last month, 2U, Inc. Senior Director of Course Strategy Rachel Koblic led a session at the virtual ASU+GSV Summit on 2U’s Learning Experience Framework (LXF), our evidence-based approach to learning design that distills decades of research and data from thousands of online courses. Watch the video below to learn how universities can use principles of learning science to transcend replication and achieve truly transformative digital education that enhances the student learning experience.

To learn more about the LXF, read Rachel’s article introducing the framework and her deep dives into two of the LXF's learner-focused dimensions, Feel and Do.

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