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Womxn's Alliance Network (W.A.N.)

2U's Business Resource Network for Womxn Employees and Allies

The Womxn's Alliance Network (W.A.N.) is on a mission to educate and empower womxn and allies to energize their personal and professional spaces with our stories in order to influence structural and cultural change at 2U.

The Latest.

Looking for the latest in education technology? Or to see what’s been happening at 2U? It’s all right here.


Women in Tech: Meet Olivia Ruiz-Knott, a Software Engineer Who Leads By Example

Learn how this growth-minded software engineer uses her talents to create innovative products and confidently seeks the mentorship she wants and needs.


Women in Tech: Meet Alexia Tanski, a 2U Curriculum Engineer Who Champions Gender Equality at Work

Learn how this inspiring curriculum engineer and global engagement chair of W.A.N. helps empower fellow women in technology and ensure women have equal representation in the workforce.


24 Bold, Brave, and Bias-Breaking Women Who Serve as Inspiration for Leaders Across 2U

Featuring perspectives from all of 2U’s Business Resource Networks and affinity groups representing the Black, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, Jewish, LGBTQIA+, parent/caregiver, and ability communities, hear nine women leaders at 2U describe the women who’ve most influenced them.


Women in Tech: Meet Poonam Kalinani, Vice President of Boot Camp Technology, Who Tackles Gender Bias by Speaking Up

Born in India, raised in Dubai, and armed with a BS in Computer Science and MBA from Rutgers University, Poonam has been trailblazing her way through the male-dominated tech industry as a strong and resilient woman leader for over 20 years.


Women in Tech: Meet Kaileigh Witczak, a 2U Web Production Manager Who Leads Through Empowerment

Learn how Kaileigh Witczak, a leading force on 2U’s Integrated Marketing Ops team, has learned to speak up to improve her industry—and succeeded as a woman in tech as a result.


33 Ways to Educate and Empower Yourself During Women’s History Month—And Beyond

In honor of Women’s History Month, explore these educational resources about women’s history, leadership, and more to empower yourself and prepare to take steps toward a more equitable world.