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Colgate University

Teaching is Colgate University’s first responsibility—not just through the sharing of knowledge, but through transformative and innovative curriculum. They partnered with us to advance their teaching mission and deliver a hybrid learning experience.

Realizing the potential.

In its 200-year history, Colgate University has demonstrated its resilience through crisis. So when COVID-19 upended the university’s operations, Colgate took action and positioned itself to deliver on its educational promise to students.

In preparation for the spring semester, Colgate will have the opportunity to bring select courses online with the support of 2UOS Essential, 2U’s bundled solution to help universities build, deliver, and support a hybrid learning experience. 2UOS Essential will offer Colgate faculty training, video production, an online campus, and student and faculty support.

Partnering with 2U will help ensure our faculty are fully supported in delivering an engaging online learning experience for our students.
— Brian C., President, Colgate University
Students playing ice hockey on a snowy Colgate University campus
Shot of the village at Colgate University

Programs offered.

For more information on our partnership with Colgate University, read the press release.

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