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University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is dedicated to advancing education, knowledge, and wisdom for the good of society. When they partnered with us in 2019, they became one of the first universities in the UK to offer a Trilogy-powered coding boot camp.

Realizing the potential.

Located in a city renowned for its industrial heritage and technological innovation, The University of Manchester is steeped in tech history—nearly 200 years of it. They pride themselves on being the birthplace of modern computing and home of the world’s first stored-program computer.

So where better to launch a coding boot camp? The program is taught by industry professionals and provides participants with high-quality academic support and career coaching to help them make the transition into an in-demand tech career.

With 2U we can offer a high-quality, industry-relevant full-stack developer boot camp experience which meets our high standards.
— Robert S., Head of the Department of Computer Science
Aerial view of the University of Manchester
University of Manchester students walking on campus

Programs offered.

The University of Manchester coding boot camp teaches participants skills for the high-demand web development field.

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At 2U, we’re on a mission—to eliminate the back row in higher education and help universities thrive in the digital age. To learn more about us, follow the links below.