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Why These 4 Employees Make Service Their Mission

Written by Ann Marie Boberg on Dec 10, 2021

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Denver-based 2U employees (including Matthew Reinhard, front row, second from left) volunteer at Metro Caring to help operate their fresh foods market.

At 2U, #MakeServiceYourMission is one of our Guiding Principles. It’s a value we commit to day in and day out, always searching for ways to provide the highest level of support to our partners, learners, and one another. That’s why Days of Service, a bi-annual 2U event dedicated to improving the regions around the world in which we live and work, is always a favorite of employees. Coming together with team members to give back to organizations in our local communities is not just the right thing to do–it’s a fun, meaningful, and compassionate way to activate our ideals. Here, four employees share where and why they serve.

Murray Turner, Digital Engagement Manager, Cape Town

Volunteered at the Players4Players Barefoot Christmas Bowl, supporting the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund

“My great uncle was a quadriplegic for his entire adult life. We have an opportunity to help guys who are in a similar situation after a single rugby tackle goes wrong. To me, #MakeServiceYourMission means don’t do it because you have to–do it because you want to.”

Julie Niblock, Placement Manager, Denver

Volunteered at the Food Bank of the Rockies

“Each individual has the power to leave their community better than they found it through service to each other. We should all make it a priority in our lives.”

Kayla Dantley, Junior Social Media Strategist II, Washington, D.C.

Volunteered at Martha’s Table

“During the colder falls and winter, it's harder for the less fortunate to get access to warm clothes. Supporting Martha's Table allows me to help those who need access to these goods at this time. All the work we do for our company means nothing if we aren't fostering it back to the people around us in our communities.”

Matthew Reinhard, Senior Student Success Advisor, Denver

Volunteered at Metro Caring

“Metro Caring provides nutritious groceries to its neighbors and also offers comprehensive anti-hunger resources so that families can stop hunger at its root. #MakeServiceYourMission is all about giving back to your community and leading with heart.”

We’re proud to support the service of our employees during designated Days of Service events, but also through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) benefit. We make service our mission 365 days a year.


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