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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Known for excellence, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill saw a need to help people across the state and the world gain access to a world-class Carolina education. So they partnered with us to bring their vision to life.

Realizing the potential.

UNC’s commitment to digital, flexible, and lifelong learning is a critical component of its educational mission and strategic plan to eliminate all barriers to a great education and meet the imperative for learning that is personalized, experiential, collaborative, and data-literate.

Together, we’ve designed a first-of-its-kind partnership that will offer the university incredible flexibility to leverage the full spectrum of 2U’s offerings across the CCC to bring its campus-wide digital strategy to life. From degrees to alt credentials, this partnership will allow more people in more places the opportunity to become lifelong learners.

This University-wide partnership will accelerate our digital strategy and enable us to leverage 2U’s expertise in delivering quality education online.
— Bob B., Professor and Former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UNC Chapel Hill
Close-up view of the Old Well with fall leaves turning above
Two MBA students posing for a photo in their cap and gowns on graduation day

Programs offered.

UNC Chapel Hill offers a variety of academic programs designed to empower students across the world to solve challenging problems and enrich their communities.