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University of Denver

The University of Denver puts students on the path toward careers that will shape the world. They’re dedicated to empowering students to make a difference. Together, we’ve created a market-driven online degree programs and boot camps to do just that.

Realizing the potential.

Marrying rigorous academics with global needs, the University of Denver’s approach to education is as dedicated to scholarly inquiry as it is to changing the world for good. And in the digital age, they saw an opportunity to scale those efforts—touching more communities, and bringing together diverse perspectives.

Together, we devised a strategy to bring online graduate programs and boot camps to life. Leveraging the expertise of their faculty and our blend of technology, people, and data, the University of Denver’s mission now touches more lives across the globe.

With 2U, students far and wide have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our faculty—expanding the impact of our graduates.
— Rebecca C., Former Chancellor, University of Denver
Entrance sign for the University of Denver
University of Denver students walking across campus on a sunny fall day

Programs offered.

The University of Denver offers a variety of innovative, online graduate degrees and boot camps designed to empower students and transform communities worldwide.