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As part of our overarching commitment to transparency, we partnered with Gallup to hear from and activate on the experiences of alumni of 2U-powered graduate programs and boot camps.

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Our partnership.

Together with Gallup, we conducted a three-part study to understand students’ experiences in our partner's degree programs and boot camps and to learn about the career outcomes these programs enable .

The 2019 Gallup-2U Graduate Outcomes Benchmark Report discovered that 92% of surveyed alumni of 2U-powered graduate degrees would still pursue an online degree if they had to do it over again, while the 2020 Gallup-2U Graduate Alumni Outcomes Study showed that 2U-powered online grad programs deliver equitable educational experiences and positive career outcomes. In fact, 97% of those surveyed reported a positive career outcome after completing a 2U-powered online graduate degree. The positive career outcomes were the case for 94% of Black alumni and 97% of alumni who are the first in their families to attend college.

The recently published 2021 Gallup-2U Boot Camp Graduates Study enabled the creation of one of the largest and most comprehensive analyses of boot camp outcomes today. It showed us that out of the nearly 4,000 edX boot camp graduates interviewed, many experienced increased salary and enhanced career satisfaction, with new doors opening to STEM careers.

The findings make it clear that with the right technology, curricula, and faculty and student support, online programs can deliver high-quality experiences comparable to, and in some cases better than, traditional campus-based programs that lead to positive career outlines.

What we’re doing together.

So, why do a study with Gallup? Insight into the 2U-powered program student experience. Alumni of 2U-powered online graduate degrees surveyed for the study reported strong academic experiences, job outcomes, and well-being. And our most recent study focused on the career outcomes of our partners’ boot camp programs. Despite their popularity, there is limited data available that express how effective nontraditional credential programs like boot camps are at helping learners achieve their professional and personal ambitions.

Highlighted key findings from each report include:

  • Black and first-generation college alumni were just as likely as their white and non-first-generation college counterparts to agree that their degree was worth the time, effort, and cost
  • 60% of white alumni, 58% of Black alumni and 62% of alumni of other races and ethnicities say they found more fulfilling careers after graduation.
  • EdX boot camp graduates are nearly four times as satisfied with their current jobs as they were before their boot camp.
  • 53% report a salary increase after graduation, with 20% saying that their salaries greatly increased.
  • One year after their graduation, the median salary for all boot camp graduates surveyed was $11,000 higher than what they reported earning while attending the boot camp.
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Gallup x 2U

Understand how edX boot camps help graduates unlocking professional opportunities by reading more about The 2021 Gallup-2U Boot Camp Graduates Study.