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Our proprietary model, 2UOS, seamlessly combines technology, people, and data to build, deliver, and support impactful online higher education—and drive student success across the globe.

What is 2UOS.

Part people. Part operating system. 2UOS is the backbone of all we do.

How it works.

Technology. Data. People. All working as one to transform higher education.

Systems, apps, and processes that power our online education platform.
A dedicated team of experts to support student and faculty success.
Self-improving systems that drive brand stewardship and recruitment.

Parts of the whole.

Take a closer look at the components powering the 2UOS experience.

  • .accessibility

    Holistic approach that prioritizes inclusive learning.

  • .career

    Industry insights-driven networking events, workshops, and resources for advancement.

  • .compliance

    Personalized training, oversight, and support to protect our partners.

  • .data architecture

    The powerful informant behind smart decision-making.

  • .hybrid experiences

    Experiential opportunities that build greater affiliation with universities.

  • .learning design

    Consultative digital learning design grounded in research and experience.

  • .learning tech

    Ever-evolving learning environment at the center of our tech ecosystem.

  • .live classes

    An intimate environment where students and faculty can engage.

  • .marketing

    Brand stewardship meets data-driven marketing, analytics, and creative.

  • .placement

    Unparalleled network that pairs students with field work in their communities.

  • .privacy

    Safeguards to protect our partners and their students.

  • .recruitment

    Dedicated, program-specific teams that help qualified recruits enroll.

  • .success advisors

    Specialized support for students and faculty to meet their goals.

  • .tech tools

    Secure, scalable tools that keep important information flowing.

Learn more about 2U.

At 2U, we’re on a mission—to eliminate the back row in higher education and help universities thrive in the digital age. To learn more about how we do it, check out the links below.