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Transparency & Outcomes Report

Our 2022 Transparency & Outcomes Report highlights how we’ve empowered learners and our partners to leverage edX—one of the world’s most powerful online learning platforms—to change lives, communities, and the world for the better.

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Transforming Ambition into Impact

Education is the key to empowering people to create a better future. It’s the foundation for a stronger, more resilient society. All around the world, people’s desire to achieve greater is pervasive and persistent. And with education, they can transform their ambition into impact.

At 2U, we envision a world where learners everywhere have access to the education they need to achieve their goals. To have a truly systemic impact, education must be high-quality, affordable, provide clear pathways to personal and professional achievement, and, most importantly, produce great outcomes. We also believe educational outcomes data should be measured and shared publicly. It’s an essential tool for informed decision-making, equitable policy development, and continuous improvement in service to learners.

Our 2022 Transparency & Outcomes Report showcases the impact our programs and platform continue to have on learners, universities, employers, governments, and society. Divided into these five sections, the report brings together all of the critical metrics and data points from previous annual 2U Transparency Reports and edX Impact Reports into a single publication, combined with spotlights on partners and learners who have transformed through the power of online education.

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Learner Impact

Together with our partners, we’re committed to offering all learners the skills, knowledge, and support they need at every age and stage of their lives. We believe that more equitable access to high-quality education is the key to social mobility and economic security. In 2022, diversity in the graduate degree programs we power exceeded the national average for many groups. Learn about the progress that 2U has made in pursuance of our mission commitments with the edX platform, ranging from increasing access and guaranteeing affordability to protecting intellectual property rights and supporting open source.

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University Impact

Through our work with nonprofit universities to meet learners’ needs with educational experiences that support every career journey, we’ve crafted a portfolio of free-to-degree courses and programs that marry the necessity of affordability and access with the demand for academic quality and market relevance. In 2022, we launched more disruptively priced degrees and created more stackable pathways for learners who want to build their way to a full master’s or bachelor's degree. We also grew our offerings of alternative credentials, from boot camps to executive education courses.

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Employer Impact

The global business landscape is at a crossroads. Filling crucial roles in a multitude of industries has increased in urgency, and technology is constantly rewriting the rules of the game. It’s clear that we’re at a pivotal moment to rethink and reinvest how we prepare the workforce of the future. Working hand in hand with us to upskill and reskill their teams, our employer partners are already leading the charge—building the workforce of tomorrow, today.

Government Impact

The role of governmental bodies has become pivotal in helping their citizens navigate the digital revolution. They must champion policies and programs that empower people with the skills required to drive economic growth, build a competitive workforce, and remain resilient amid conflict or crisis. In 2022, through partnerships with governmental entities around the world, we developed initiatives that address the unique skills gaps required to spur meaningful economic progress, connecting citizens with the learning opportunities they need.

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Societal Impact

The mismatch between the supply and demand of skilled professionals in critical sectors like healthcare and education is growing. A large portion of the population also faces significant barriers to accessing higher education. We strongly believe that the key to addressing these pressing societal issues lies in expanding access to high-quality education, both domestically and globally. From all the learners who’ve graduated from our partners’ programs in helping hands disciplines to investments we’ve made in organizations that help improve the lives of those affected by crisis, our outcomes stand as proof.

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In 2019 and 2020, we partnered with Gallup to better understand the experiences learners have in the online graduate degree programs we offer with our partners. In 2021, we sought to do the same for the boot camps we power through our Gallup-2U Boot Camp Graduates Study.⁴ Based on self-reported data from a web survey with a sample of 3,824 respondents who graduated from 2U-powered boot camps, it is the largest and most comprehensive analysis of boot camp outcomes to date. For more information on Gallup’s methodology, please refer to the full report.