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Who We Are & What We Do.

On our Marketing teams, science and art truly intersect. We combine data-driven insights with bold creativity to help prospective students around the world discover top university programs. In connecting them with our product, our mission-driven teams help empower students to transform their lives through higher education.

Our Marketing teams work together to champion world-class brand stewardship, and include open positions on Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Paid, Media, SEO, and Organic Marketing.

A black and white artistic rendering of the 2u slogan "No Back Row"

How we do it.

Careers on our Marketing teams are built around collaboration, analysis and creative decision-making. We leverage close, segmented understandings of student and partner needs to optimize digital education at scale. Our creative content grabs attention, our data-driven analytics maximize our effectiveness, and our people drive our purpose.

2U and LinkedIn colleagues work on a laptop in a break area"

Open Positions.

When you work on our Marketing teams, you’ll be front and center in working towards our mission of eliminating the back row in education. Use your expertise to help transform digital higher education at scale.

2U's Marketing teams are built on adaptability and collaboration, utilizing cutting-edge data analysis to share 2U-powered programs with the world.
— Khulan B., Analyst, Demand Generation

Where we work.

Across the world, our Marketing teams work together to reach global learners—and transform the relationship between student and university.