2U Internship Program

The 2U internship program grants undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while working in a fast-paced, supportive environment. 2U is a company driven by the successful outcomes of students around the world, and our internship program allows us to train, develop and shape the future as we continue to grow our collaborative community.

2U’s internship program is a robust, valued part of the overall team, and our interns are affectionately known as “2terns” internally. A 2U intern came up with the 2tern nickname a few years ago and it stuck!

2018 Targeted Start Dates

2terns work in 2U’s Maryland, New York, North Carolina and California offices during the spring, summer and fall semesters. The vast majority of 2terns stay with 2U for subsequent semesters, but for new 2terns joining the company, each semester has a targeted start date.

  • Spring: January 8
  • Summer: May 29
  • Fall: August 27

Hiring Departments

  • Admissions
  • Analytics
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Placement
  • Student Support
  • Technology

“My 2ternship is different than a regular internship because I am relied on, not just as an intern but as a part of the team. I feel like I have important responsibilities, all while being able to learn from those around me.”
Saroja Stone, IT Networking Intern, Fall 2015


“I love the way 2U empowers its interns to meet their full potential. Even as an intern, I find the challenge of the work incredibly rewarding — especially when I think about all the students I’m helping!”
Imane Tate, Analytics Intern, Fall 2015