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Tech & Data Science.

What we do.

At 2U, transforming digital higher education begins with technology. Our 2U Tech & Data Science teams create scalable tools for our partners to deliver a seamless experience to students and faculty. From architecting a self-improving backend and creating customized solutions to everyday problems to designing learning tools, building applicant and data systems, engineering our platform, and beyond, we build the technological infrastructure to elevate education experiences.

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How we do it.

Careers on our Tech & Data Science teams are built on a collaborative combination of innovation, expertise, and passion for our mission. Here, we work on the cutting edge of edtech to create better learning experiences for all.

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Create tools and experiences that all students can use.
Applicant systems.
Build the framework for online applications and referrals.
Use technical strategy to coordinate evolution of 2U systems.
Core systems.
Design reliable, sustainable products to support 2U.
Configure and enhance our multi-Salesforce platform.
Protect our systems and our partners from digital threats.
Provide data, models, and insights to power 2U decisions.
Develop our AWS infrastructure and deployment tools.
Enterprise systems.
Convert departmental needs into product requirements.
Bring 2U’s suite of apps into new program environments.
IT infrastructure.
Ensure our internal systems stay cutting edge.
Marketing systems.
Build scalable platforms to power 2U’s marketing strategies.
Develop new products and services to solve user challenges.
Transform product ideas into user-centric experiences.
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Open Positions.

From app developers and cybersecurity experts to engineers, data scientists, IT professionals, product designers, and more, we offer careers that will allow you to use your know-how to transform digital higher education.

What better way to see into the tomorrow of education than by having a hand in building it?
— Ashley B., Senior Vice President, Product Innovation

Where we work.

No matter where we live, we’re always connected by our mission. And the internet. We are tech people, after all.