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Organizational Changes at 2U

Written by Christopher "Chip" Paucek on Sep 28, 2023

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One year ago, 2U mapped out an accelerated path to become a platform company. We set out on a journey to unify our business around the edX platform and expand our ability to deliver world-class learning outcomes at scale.

Today, we are more confident than ever that this strategy is the right course of action for the company. However, it has demanded new capabilities, new ways of working together, and a relentless focus on the areas that provide the largest impact for learners and partners. As we’ve settled into our new model, it’s become clear that we need to continue to evolve our organization to best sustain and support the business.

To ensure the long-term success of 2U, we are making some significant changes that put us on the best path forward. Unfortunately, this means that we need to say goodbye to a number of team members throughout the company. This decision, although tough, is necessary to align our operations with the evolving needs of our business and propel us forward.

We are fully committed to treating all the people leaving us with dignity and respect. The employees we’re saying goodbye to have helped us innovate, grow, and deliver incredible outcomes for learners around the world, and I am sincerely grateful for everything they have contributed. To support them in this difficult transition period, we’re offering a comprehensive set of benefits including competitive severance pay, health coverage, tuition forgiveness (if applicable), and job transition support.

We have set up 2U Talent Hub as a directory of our wonderful outgoing employees whom any organization would be lucky to have. If you’re a recruiter or a member of a talent team, email, and we’ll connect you to the talented people who are leaving us.

These changes, though painful in the short term, will put 2U in a stronger position for the long haul. Collectively investing our time and resources in the areas of greatest potential or need will improve our ability to deliver greater outcomes for more learners. We continue to believe in the power of high-quality online education to create a better future for all, and we remain committed to connecting millions of people around the world with the education to achieve their ambition.

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