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Partner Spotlight

Shared success.

The work we do with our partners is life-changing for learners across the globe. Here’s a look at what we’ve done together to transform education.

Partner Spotlight

5 Ways Revenue Sharing Drives Access, Innovation, and Quality Outcomes in Higher Ed

Over 30 of 2U’s university partners provided comments to the U.S. Department of Education in support of keeping the bundled-services provision in its 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, which enables revenue sharing with companies like 2U. Discover why our partners and their students say it’s critical to preserve this guidance.

Apr 3, 2023·Andrew Hermalyn

Partner Spotlight

Watch: 3 University Leaders Explain Why Revenue-Sharing Partnerships are Vital to Increase Access and Innovation in Higher Ed

Watch leaders from Rice University, UNC Chapel Hill, and UC Davis discuss the value of public-private partnerships and revenue sharing for learners, universities, and higher education at large during our “Innovations in Online Learning” partner panel at 2U’s 2023 Investor Day.

Mar 23, 2023·2U

Partner Spotlight

Watch: 3 edX Learners in the Spotlight

Discover how edX, our global online learning platform, helped three learners fuel their ambition, develop their strengths, and transform their lives.

Mar 2, 2023·2U

Partner Spotlight

How 2U’s Talent Pipeline to Exceptional Nursing Graduates Is Helping HealthLinc Provide Quality Care for All Patients

Learn how our partnership with this Federally Qualified Health Center, which serves a wide range of communities and health complexities, is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the organization and graduates they’ve hired from Nursing@Georgtown and other 2U-powered programs to come.

Aug 8, 2022·2U

Partner Spotlight

When COVID Hit, This Istanbul Student Persevered with an edX MicroBachelors Program

While waiting for his university to provide better remote education options during the pandemic, find out how Arca Berkay Zengi kept his learning momentum going strong with NYU’s MicroBachelors program in Computer Science Fundamentals and other online courses on the edX platform.

Aug 4, 2022·edX

Partner Spotlight

6 Learners Who Turned to Boot Camps as Affordable and Accelerated Pathways for Gaining In-demand Tech Skills

From Tennessee to Mexico City, these professionals chose a 2U-powered university boot camp because it was an affordable way to quickly acquire new tech skills with quality curriculum and instruction they knew they could trust. Their investments paid off with jobs in software engineering, data analytics, and more.

Jul 27, 2022·2U

Partner Spotlight

This Visually Impaired edX Learner Is Breaking Down Barriers for Other Young Students Like Himself to Learn Technical Skills

Discover how online learning through edX has opened up new pathways to opportunity for Ronak Tejas Shah, and how he's using the courses he takes to help visually impaired learners like himself feel empowered to learn independently.

Jul 21, 2022·edX

Partner Spotlight

How a New edX Access Partnership is Helping Tulsa’s Underserved Populations Move into Tech and Boost the Regional Economy

Learn how Tulsa Community College, Tulsa Innovation Labs, and edX are creating “Tulsa 2.0” with a new Cyber Skills Center—a scholarship initiative offering adult learners no-cost pathways to job-relevant skills in data analytics and cybersecurity that can lead to life-changing careers.

Jul 15, 2022·Mia Bartlett

Partner Spotlight

They Are Me: Why I Volunteer with Inner-City Students at 2U's Dropout Prevention Community Partner in Los Angeles

Discover how Communities in Schools of Los Angeles supports the Social Emotional Learning of students in LA public schools—and why I love giving back to the community I grew up in through 2U’s community partnership with this organization.

Jul 14, 2022·Tania Morales

Partner Spotlight

This Garden Center Manager with a High School Diploma Landed a Tech Role at Infosys Through 2U’s Career Engagement Network

Discover how Alix Friedman enrolled in the Berkeley Coding Boot Camp and took full advantage of the career services and networking in 2U-powered learning programs to pivot from her retail job into a tech support position with global digital consulting company Infosys.

Jul 8, 2022·Samantha Hitchings