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Jessica Wang

Senior Vice President, Placement

Jessica Wang is an education professional dedicated to making online learning outstanding. She is a visionary and expert in managing teams to place students in their communities for field experiences no matter where they live.

Partner Spotlight

Caring for the Whole: Meet Two Nursing@Georgetown Preceptors Who Are Key to Student Success

The practitioners who supervise students in their clinical placements are an indispensable part of Nursing@Georgetown. Hear from two preceptors—a Certified Nurse-Midwife and a Family Nurse Practitioner—on how their mentorship adds value to the learning experience.

Sep 21, 2021·Jessica Wang


When Disruption Breeds Innovation: How 2U’s Placement Team Supported Learners During a Pandemic

As the SVP of Placement at 2U, Jessica Wang spent this past spring with her team creating COVID-19-era solutions for the thousands of degree program students who were challenged by the closures of their field placement sites. Learn how Placement supported learners in the midst of a pandemic.

Dec 2, 2020·Jessica Wang


As Placement Sites Shuttered Their Doors, 2U Launched the VFX to Ensure Social Work Students Could Continue Their Studies Uninterrupted

When COVID-19 upended higher ed in the spring, social work programs that required hundreds of hours of hands-on learning experiences to graduate threatened to shut down. At 2U, we found a way to support our partners and create a sustainable solution that would enable social work students to graduate on time: the Virtual Field eXperience (VFX).

Oct 28, 2020·Jessica Wang