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“Eliminate the back row in education” isn’t just something we say. It’s what drives us to work so hard every single day. Here’s a look at what we’re doing to achieve our mission.


2U Celebrates Teachers and Healthcare Workers by Marking Over 100,000 Placements for Our Partners’ Students in Online Programs

Offering one of the nation’s largest placement networks, 2U addresses critical workforce shortages by supporting tens of thousands of students in completing their healthcare and education training requirements.

May 16, 2024·2U


Setting the Record Straight

Here, we dispel misconceptions and untruths circulating about 2U’s financial health and affirm our unwavering commitment to partners and learners.

Apr 5, 2024·2U


10 Ways We Brought Our Mission to Life in 2023

The year 2023 was one of the most innovative for education and tech in a decade, from advances in AI to a greater embrace of alternative credentials and lower-cost degrees. Here are 10 ways we made significant strides toward our mission to eliminate the back row in education.

Dec 21, 2023·Anant Agarwal


2U’s 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report

Our fifth annual ESG Report highlights our continued progress toward building a more sustainable business at scale. The report centers on our core belief that more equitable access to high-quality education is the key to social mobility and economic security, and that improved diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education and in the job market benefits everyone.

May 23, 2023·2U


One Year Later: Uniting Quality and Access to Create Exponential Impact

Discover 10 ways that 2U and edX have jointly evolved and innovated since we came together, enabling us to make an even greater impact for learners, our partners, and the world in the years to come.


2U’s 2021 Transparency Report: Leveraging the Power of Data to Meet Learners’ Needs

2U's third consecutive Transparency Report demonstrates our continued dedication to greater openness about our partnerships, the education programs we deliver together, and the strong learner outcomes we produce as a result. Discover why we believe transparency matters.


Don’t Let the Skeptic Win

Today, we are openly sharing an email that Co-Founder and CEO Chip Paucek sent to all employees emphasizing 2U’s important role expanding access and affordability in higher education and continued commitment to its mission, values, and focus on student outcomes.


Introducing edX Live—Uniting Leaders Across Industry to Shape the Future of Learning and Work

I’m excited to host edX Live, a new LinkedIn Live series that will bring together influential leaders from academia and business in conversations where we can cross-pollinate ideas, break glass, and learn from each other’s expertise how we can transform for the better.

Mar 28, 2022·Anant Agarwal


Continuing Our Commitment to Transparency: 2U’s Response to Senators Brown, Smith, and Warren

Learn more about our continued dedication to greater openness, access, affordability, and student outcomes by reading our response to a letter from Senators Brown, Smith, and Warren.


Through Mentorship and Access to Education, the IRC Is Empowering Women to Lead in Business and Crisis

Learn how 2U has helped the International Rescue Committee develop a new women’s leadership program that’s equipping the next generation of female leaders with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to address humanitarian crises around the globe.

Jan 7, 2022·Mary Jilek