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Anant Agarwal

Chief Platform Officer of 2U & Founder of edX

Anant Agarwal is chief platform officer of 2U, founder of edX, and professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Since launching edX in 2012, Agarwal has guided the organization’s vision to expand access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere.


10 Ways We Brought Our Mission to Life in 2023

The year 2023 was one of the most innovative for education and tech in a decade, from advances in AI to a greater embrace of alternative credentials and lower-cost degrees. Here are 10 ways we made significant strides toward our mission to eliminate the back row in education.

Dec 21, 2023·Anant Agarwal


How edX's Commitment to AI is Maximizing the Learning and Teaching Experience

Learn more about our vision for leveraging generative AI to empower learners and educators. Our chief platform officer takes a deeper dive into some of the features of two of our new AI-enabled tools.

Jul 12, 2023·Anant Agarwal


AI in Education: Why We Should Embrace—Not Fear—the Future

2U's chief platform officer explains what he sees as AI's power to reshape education for the better—and how we've embraced principles in our work with AI based on input from partners, learners, and the industry at large.

Jun 28, 2023·Anant Agarwal


One Year Later: Uniting Quality and Access to Create Exponential Impact

Discover 10 ways that 2U and edX have jointly evolved and innovated since we came together, enabling us to make an even greater impact for learners, our partners, and the world in the years to come.

Partner Spotlight

Learning at the Right Size and Right Time at Any Stage: 5 Organizations Successfully Embracing a Learner-Centric Approach

Learn how Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science, Spain’s Universitat Politècnica de València, Israel’s Campus-IL, and U.S.-based LabXchange and Starbucks Global Academy are leveraging Open edX—the open source platform that powers—to deliver great outcomes for learners across the globe.

May 12, 2022·Anant Agarwal

Partner Spotlight

Learn How 10 edX Grantees Will Teach the Unique, Essential Human Skills Needed for the Virtual Age

From digital teamwork to conflict management to emotional resilience, learn more about the edX grantees developing new courses to help learners navigate today’s increasingly remote and hybrid workplaces.

May 3, 2022·Anant Agarwal


Doing What You Love is Good Food For the Soul: Meet Lauren Holliday, Managing Director of Open Courses and Marketplace

Get to know Lauren Holliday, 2U's managing director and edX's former vice president of product responsible for maintaining and advancing the "front door" to 2U.

Apr 27, 2022·Anant Agarwal


Introducing edX Live—Uniting Leaders Across Industry to Shape the Future of Learning and Work

I’m excited to host edX Live, a new LinkedIn Live series that will bring together influential leaders from academia and business in conversations where we can cross-pollinate ideas, break glass, and learn from each other’s expertise how we can transform for the better.

Mar 28, 2022·Anant Agarwal

Partner Spotlight

The Pivot to Learner-Centricity: Why 4 Universities Are Meeting Student Demand for Flexible, Workforce-Aligned Education

In higher education, the power dynamics have begun to shift from institutions to learners and employees. Here are examples of four international universities taking a more learner-centric approach as part of their digital transformation strategies: The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Cambridge, MEF University, and University of Birmingham.

Mar 24, 2022·Anant Agarwal

News & Press

Standing With Ukraine: Supporting Displaced Learners

At 2U and edX we stand with the people of Ukraine and all those who urgently seek peace. Learn how we are supporting Ukraine’s academic institutions and students.

Mar 4, 2022·Anant Agarwal