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From Classroom to Cloud: Resources to Facilitate a Smooth Transition Online

Check out this list of resources for tips and tricks on how to facilitate a smooth transition online

Aug 5, 2020·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

These Boot Camp Grads Built an App That Combats Gender Bias—One Word at a Time

The winner's of our Next Level Contest created a data-driven tool that identifies gender-biased language in job descriptions. Learn more.

Aug 4, 2020·Stephen Eichinger


What is Allyship?

Einar Jae Escoto formerly served as chair of 2U's employee-led diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, Mosaic. Learn how he defines allyship.

Aug 3, 2020·Einar Jae Escoto

News & Press

Northwestern University Launches "Leading Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion" Online Short Course with GetSmarter

Learn why Northwestern University is partnering with GetSmarter to offer an online short course designed to help professionals learn to lead in more inclusive and equitable ways.

Jul 30, 2020·2U

Partner Spotlight

Northwestern Professor Alvin Tillery on His DEI Short Course and How University Leaders Can Be a Catalyst for Change

Learn how Northwestern Professor Alvin Tillery worked with GetSmarter to design a DEI short course with lessons from the 1960s and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jul 30, 2020·Molly Forman

Partner Spotlight

How the USC MAT Online Program Prepared Students to Guide Their Guiding Teachers Through COVID-19

When COVID-19 upended normality, some student teachers from the USC MAT online program found that they were the ones advising their guiding teachers. Find out how the program prepared these students to become the teachers.

Jul 29, 2020·Stephen Eichinger

News & Press

2U, Inc. Survey Finds Over 50% of Prospective Students Much More Likely to Consider Online Programs as COVID-19 Drives "Share Shift" in Higher Education

Take a look at the findings from our survey exploring how COVID-19 is impacting the decision-making of prospective students considering entering graduate and undergraduate programs.

Jul 28, 2020·2U


Embracing Online: The Future is Now

How is COVID-19 impacting undergraduate and graduate enrollment decisions? Check out our survey results.

Jul 28, 2020·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

A Look Inside the Case Study Method Practiced by the Harvard Business Analytics Program

This week, the Harvard Business Analytics Program hosted its first-ever LinkedIn Live Case Study event featuring Professor Karim Lakhani and several past and present students. Watch the event here.

Jul 24, 2020·Krista Celentano


Hybrid Education: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s the Future

As hybrid education settles in as the new standard, step up your understanding of the model.

Jul 22, 2020·Molly Forman

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