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How a Small Business Short Course Helped a Student in South Africa Find His COVID Plan B

During our annual Company Meeting, I had the honor of interviewing Hermanus Wiid, an IT compliance officer whose stalled UK visa application left him in limbo without a job after South Africa went into full pandemic lockdown.

Jul 27, 2021·Nazley Brooks


A Day in the Life: Mid-Motion Graphic Designer Chantell Swart

Learn how this 2020 No Back Row Award winner creates motion graphics for online short courses, why 3D animation is her passion, and what the 2U guiding principle “Don’t let the skeptic win” means to her.

Jul 26, 2021·Bannon Puckett


Industry-Informed Career Workshops: Helping Students Move from Employer-Ready to Employer-Competitive

Driven by deep insights and data-rich feedback from our industry partners, 2U’s Workforce Engagement team has developed a robust career workshop series to help students gain a competitive edge with employers.

Jul 23, 2021·Jennifer K. Henry


5 Ways to Navigate Non-Verbal Communication in the Digital Classroom

How can educators model good behaviors to make classes more collaborative and help students feel they are being heard? Read on for five tips and tricks instructors can use to engage students non-verbally.

Jul 22, 2021·Aung Phyo


Meet Four Student-Serving 2Utes Who Are the Embodiment of “Love Under Pressure”

During 2U’s annual Company Meeting, I had the privilege of introducing a panel of 2Utes who are emblematic of our nearly 4,000 employees who make service their mission. Find out how they put this year’s theme—“Love Under Pressure”—into practice every day.

Jul 21, 2021·Brad Adams


A Day in the Life: Regional Recruitment Manager Katie Fleming

Learn what this No Back Row Award winner loves most about working on 2U’s recruiting team—and why she considers relationships key to the company’s overarching success.

Jul 20, 2021·Bannon Puckett

Partner Spotlight

A Pioneer in Education: How Penn Drives Impact Through Innovative Tech Boot Camps

Learn how 2U is helping one of the world’s top institutions drive constant innovation through a portfolio of skill-intensive tech programs—meeting modern marketplace demands and supporting students throughout their careers.

Jul 19, 2021·Bannon Puckett


How My Talk with Teachers from Across 2U’s Portfolio Brought Our Learning Ecosystem to Life

For 2U’s 2021 Company Meeting, I facilitated a discussion with three teaching professionals to discuss how they bring a learning-centered approach to life in their classrooms—and how 2U, in turn, helps them feel part of a larger community.

Jul 16, 2021·Nadja Shaw

News & Press

OneTen Coalition Endorses 2U, Inc. as Official Talent Developer

2U, Inc. announced today that it has been endorsed as a talent developer by OneTen, a coalition of leading business executives coming together to upskill, hire, and advance one million Black individuals in America over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement.

Jul 15, 2021·2U


Creating a Safe Space for Faculty to Build Their “Emotional Muscle” to Lead Classroom Conversations Around DEI

As 2U’s lead faculty trainer for enrichment, I had always planned to create seminars on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics. When last summer’s Black Lives Matter movement led faculty to ask for support in navigating DEI discussions with students, my colleagues and I created a series of workshops on equity and social justice.

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