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Partner Spotlight

Stepping Into Her Shoes: This edX Learner is Honoring His Partner’s Legacy by Realizing Her Entrepreneurial Dreams

Discover how Michael Bell took the Wharton Professional Certificate in Strategic Management and other edX courses to carry on the work and the memory of his business and life partner Jitka, who passed away this spring.

Jun 29, 2022·edX

Partner Spotlight

5 Military Veterans Who Pivoted to Tech Careers at Amazon, Booz Allen, and More With the Help of a Boot Camp

Transitioning from military to civilian life is oftentimes a complex process. By enrolling in a 2U-powered university boot camp, these veterans found that many of the problem-solving skills and passion they developed during active duty could take them even further in the world of tech.

Jun 28, 2022·2U

Partner Spotlight

6 Boot Camp Grads Who Traded Working-Class Jobs in HVAC, Truck Driving, and More for Fulfilling Tech Careers

For many graduates of 2U-powered university boot camps, breaking into tech was originally something they never thought possible. Discover these six learners in coding, cybersecurity, and technology product management who made the leap from working-class jobs to successful tech careers.

Jun 23, 2022·2U

Partner Spotlight

How Harvard Worked with edX to Quickly Scale an Online Mechanical Ventilation Course for Emergency COVID Response

Hear from Dr. Susan Wilcox, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, how edX helped turn her team’s medical textbook into a multimedia-rich online course that reached overwhelmed clinicians around the globe when COVID hit. The course became a finalist for the 2021 edX Prize.

Jun 22, 2022·Henry Kesner


On Empathy, Emotional Labor, and Allyship: Meet 2 Transgender Employees Dedicated to 2U’s Mission—and the Good Fight

Hear from Ren Dawe, an academic counselor and mentor based in Denver, and Michael Krüger, a learning designer based in Cape Town, on the joys and challenges of being part of the trans community and how they apply their passion, expertise, and unique insights to their roles at 2U.

Jun 16, 2022·2Q

Partner Spotlight

Why Infosys Values the “Three E’s”—Education, Environment, and Experience—When Hiring 2U-Powered Boot Camp Grads

Learn why Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, partners with 2U to find boot camp graduate talent for its growing technical workforce.

Jun 15, 2022·Asada Kimbo

Partner Spotlight

15 Boot Camp Grads Leveraging Tech for Good in Healthcare, Education, Fair Trade, Inclusive Recruiting, and More

Discover university boot camp graduates from the worlds of data analytics, digital marketing, and UX/UI who’ve found success in doing good through a variety of innovative projects and tech careers.

Jun 13, 2022·2U


Shaping Careers and Lives: Gallup and 2U Release New Study on the Experiences of Boot Camp Graduates

The report, Finding New Career Paths: Gaining In-Demand Skills and a High Return on Investment, details findings from our third year of research with Gallup. It's centered on understanding the impact of the university boot camps powered by 2U. Learn more.

Jun 9, 2022·David Sutphen


Meet 3 Leaders of Our LGBTQIA+ Business Resource Network Who Promote a Culture of Belonging—and Thriving—at 2U

Learn how 2Q Global Chair Jess Samuels, Global Ambassador Mantedieng Mamabolo-Cunningham, and Advocacy Chair Collyn Messier strike that delicate balance between speaking and listening, educating and engaging, advocating and celebrating in their respective leadership roles at 2U.

Jun 8, 2022·2Q

Partner Spotlight

From Professional Certificate to Online Master’s: UMD’s Unique Approach to Addressing the Need for Quality Product Management Education

Learn how the University of Maryland’s success with its Professional Certificate in Product Management inspired the launch of a new, competitively priced online Master of Professional Studies in Product Management to meet both learner and industry demand.

Jun 7, 2022·Henry Kesner

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